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  • myprofile96 myprofile96 Aug 10, 2012 11:01 AM Flag

    My fair value assesment, END OF STORY.

    New to this board but, just in case, anyone reading this thinks that the poster knows anything -- they don't.

    OnewaytoMars3 shows a complete lack of knowledge of the company, the situation, or future prospects. The only thing he got right is that the current price, around $3/sh is about right. Could the stock drop further as investor's panic fueled by notes such as his, sure. Will the company rebound to the $5-$7 level by the end of the year - definitely.

    The likelihood of a rise to $5-$7/share before year's end is almost a a given. (and yes, I've bet that will happen)

    1. The firm is very popular with Wall Street, they won't fail, its not in their interest.

    2. Company is highly likely to apply its cash-flow to reacquire shares at the current levels.

    3. The $1.50 is a minomer -- remember they spent $400 million to get it.

    4. After tax loss reduces the exposure of the $400M by nearly $150M.

    5. Do you think the founder of the company would have put more money in at these levels if didn't know something?

    The truth is that this stock carries more short-term risk than others HOWEVER, there is also considerable upside

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