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  • marktran912 marktran912 Nov 30, 2012 3:46 PM Flag

    call me stupid, but im holding

    Till getco pay $5 or someone will jump in and pay $7.
    board are showing cause they make money. If not they would
    sell for $3.5 and get it over with. Monday open at $5.5.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I sold my shares at 3.45 and then bought in with January 4.00 strikes with calls to play a surprise buyout level. Wanted my profit from shares locked in and can still profit from a higher buyout. They were very cheap....

    • Stupid!!!!

      hey, you told me to...

      PS. I sold at eod 3.36 Better to book profit and miss opportunity, than to wake up Monday to a short attack. We are about topped out until some more news. Due Diligence expected to start back up Monday and may last the week. That's an eternity in stock ticks. Plenty of time for buyback opportunities.

      However, if we all wake up Monday to a signed deal at $4, well, congrats to you all... I'll have to rest easy with my 2.50 to 3.36 profit.

      Good luck to all that held... It's been fun trading KCG the last few months.

    • You are stupid. OK now that i got that out of the way, i'm holding also but i think your price per share that you are looking for is way off. I would and will be looking for 4-4.50 at the sale!!!

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      • I sold all that I bought this morning at 3.23 at 1 minute to close for 3.36. I figure there are ups and downs yet to come. The buyout scenarios are $3 or $3.50 so it should trade with a predictable range. This could take a while to close. May as well ride the wave. Will pick back up Monday. Price has dropped on open and mostly recovered an hour or so later. I'm thinking there's a good chance Monday won't be any different.

        Sentiment: Buy

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