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  • zwerp2000 zwerp2000 Apr 19, 1999 10:01 AM Flag

    WHAT IS GOING ON???????


    i thought we were going to be moving up today. Great earnings and a possible split announcement on wednesday should be sending this stock to the moon.

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    • The only way to stop this plummet today is for the market to close...nothing is going to bounce back today...people are getting scared as hell....hurry up and close hurry up!

    • and the rest of your post. Couldn't agree more,
      since nothing has really changed except the price we
      might as well take this time to crack a few jokes. Also
      the p.s. in my last post was by me.

      Note to
      Rad, thanks


    • The reason I say "almost" old timer is because
      I've been a NITE Long since February. I know there are
      others who have been "Long" a lot longer (no pun
      intended) than I.

      Here's my take on today's market

      Helium is up, feathers are down. Paper is
      Fluorescent tubing was dimmed in light trading.
      were up sharply.
      Cows steered into a bull
      Pencils lost a few points.
      Hiking equipment is
      Elevators are rising, while escalators are continuing their
      slow decline.
      Weights are up in heavy
      Lights switches are off.
      Mining equipment is hitting
      rock bottom.
      Diapers remain unchanged.
      lines are staying on an even keel.
      The market for
      raisins has dried up.
      Coca Cola has
      Caterpillar stock is inching up.
      Sun peaked at
      Balloon prices are really inflated.
      Scott Tissue
      touched a new bottom.
      And, batteries exploded in an
      attempt to recharge the

      3 New Bonds were issued:
      * Lewinsky Bond: Has no
      * Gore Bond: Has no interest.
      * Clinton Bond:
      Has no

      Here's what I do know:
      NITE's fundamentals have not
      We have great earnings coming out on
      We've seen numerous posts giving multiple reason why we
      should be Long and stay Long. None of those reasons have
      Resist the temptation to let fear get the better of you.
      If you bought high, resist the temptation to panic
      sell. NITE is a winner -long term and short term.
      Resist the temptation to sell. I really believe you'll
      be kicking yourself if you do.
      I know it's hard
      to remain calm but try to relax. HANG TOUGH!!It
      definitely WILL change in our favor.
      Go NITE!!

    • No My dad isn't warren Buffet

      I will give
      you a description of how I've built up cash since I
      was 18 in market - it involves alot of AOL

      If you really care let me Know - but yes I do have
      5,000 shares - not boasting I'm just saying I've got
      alot riding on this - so I was hoping that my words
      would mean more than a new person in this stock with a
      couple hundred shares. (no offens - i realy like

      Kenneth B Smih

    • I got in at $100, i am so worried, but you got in
      at $37, lucky you, i just keep watching this stock
      and no guts to buy until it reaches 100. Poor
      me.......... I will try to hold it for long, and hope it just
      keep growing, like Merrill Lynch.

    • Just last week (or was it two weeks ago; longs
      aren't always up on the day to day), we saw nite go from
      the low sixties to 133 in a few days. It had to cool
      off a little. Even a lot. So what. We went from the
      sixties to the 30's in January/February; then we zoomed
      to the 100s in just a couple of months. Hang in,
      we'll see another long run before the summer. Had I
      pulled some chips off the table during the last rocket,
      I'd be putting them in now.

      As for the talk in
      the press about a shifting of assets, I wouldn't
      dismiss them so fast. I bought a few shares of aol in
      November in the belief that in four years they would be
      bigger than AT&T. From a market cap perspective, they
      achieved that in four months. (I took my initial
      investment off the table, the rest I figure I'll ride
      forever; it cost me nothing.)

      Look at the
      fundamentals. AOL's a great company with a great future, but do
      they � AT THIS POINT IN TIME � deserve twice the
      market cap of General Motors. I personally think not.
      But that doesn't mean aol has to completely crash. It
      simply means aol has to cool off a little bit while
      GM-type companies catch up with where should be in this
      economy. (actually, if I didn't need to hold cash on the
      sidelines to pay for a Bat Mitzvah, I'd probably buy some
      GM now.)

      What does this have to do with nite.
      It does us no good to think of nite as an Internet
      company. Think of it as a major provider of liquidity to
      financial markets. One that currently provides this service
      in the US, but will be in London come May and around
      the world soon after.

      I know of no old-economy
      company that provides anything like this on a global
      scale, so I figure I'll apply my aol/att analogy to
      nite/mer (Knight Trimark/Merrill Lynch). I figure
      niteshould increase 7-fold from $80 a share in the next few

      Obviously I'm in no rush to take my chips off the table on
      this one. I'm in at 37-38.

    • The comments and thoughts are well read and well
      received...i'm not selling now, even though i'm sitting here
      looking at NITE at 80 now which is a support
      level...although the beating the nasdaq is taking today as well as
      last week all the support and resistance points can be
      thrown out the window...its my understanding that
      earnings are released wed so i will hold thru thurs at
      which time barring another hellish nasdaq week and a
      bad earnings report we should be in the upper 90's.

    • how much money did nite make today??????

    • You really expect us to believe you have a half million in this one and all at the tender age of 22? Who's your Dad, Warren Buffet?

    • only one day??? Is it possible we will drop 25 points like amtd???? This is frightening..I am down on 200 shares. I may have to bail out soon and cut losses.!

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