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  • Neelsohn Neelsohn Jun 1, 1999 11:48 AM Flag

    NITE makes $ regardless of MER and EGRP

    NITE makes $ regardless of what MER and
    Isn't that why we bought this stock?
    Classic case of
    a stock getting trashed with
    its sector, and as
    soon as people remember
    what NITE's business is,
    NITE will be rebound
    That's gonna be
    in a couple hours, I'd say.

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    • I'm trying real hard not to believe you are full
      of it. You stated,"This stock has doubled up since
      you bought it." Well, in post 17102 you stated you
      were in at 3 3/4. So you obviously didn't double your
      profit yet, despite the highs of 8, as your post reads
      "long on INEX". And, just because INEX has not reached
      4 yet, as I anticipated, doesn't mean it isn't
      going to in the near future. Yes, dear princesss it
      will DOUBLE DOWN soon! So sell those shares you're
      still long on, because INEX sucks, as I said in the
      first place. And regarding your whining about

      Why don't you go back and reread your post


      are pathetic

    • Don't believe all that you read on yahoo. Select a few posters and trust only them not the others. INEX will go down painfully but surely.

    • Let's go! You want to get it on?...well I'm not
      one to step down from a challenge.

      name, first of all, doesn't suit you because quite
      honestly, my dear, you have zero class. Calling the
      management of NITE "self serving assholes" just because the
      CEO has other things on his mind other than releasing
      some PR. Like doing his job and running the company
      ie: working on some projects to better position NITE
      in the marketplace. After bringing a $4.00 no name
      company to $160.00 in half a year, the CEO does not
      deserve your idiotic name calling ie("self serving
      asshole"). Have a little more respect next time.

      for having the management "fired for letting NITE
      fall without news", if everyone would follow your
      example, there would be a lot of open CEO positions
      availiable (AMZN, AOL, DELL, AMTD, YHOO, CMGI) do I have to
      go on? Tell me of a company that is not at least 30%
      from its high...I'm waiting.

      And I won't sleep
      tonight...I feel very hurt being called an asshole...this
      coming from someone who called the NITE management a
      "bunch of fuckheads". Why don't you take some NITE
      courses in english and learn to articulate yourself a lot
      more. You will find this very valuable in the future.
      As for this famous PR. EGRP announced great news
      today. If it was two weeks ago, this stock would have
      jumped $20.00 Last week CMGI was rated a strong buy and
      it closed down for the day. Last month, it would
      have been up $25.00 on that news. That's the way it
      is. The tech/internet stocks lost a bit of their
      fizzle and until the market feels comfortable again, we
      will do no more that stable off. AND NO STUPID PR WILL

      As for you calling me an
      asshole...unlike you, I did not just jump on the train...I've been
      here since 35 5/8 so I expect a little more respect
      next time. I did not jump on for the quick buck, but
      for long term. I'm not worried one bit. If you're in
      the red, maybe you're the stupid investor looking for
      the momentum play, you're long term now!

      straighten up and start having some respect, if not for me,
      a fellow poster, but for the NITE management who
      are working their asses off making this company
      known. And as for your 100 shares, get rid of them and
      move on to another company...YOU DON'T DESERVE NITE IN

      PS you are now on my ignore
      list with FBCORepents (nice company)

    • them weekly. They tripled their revenue last quarter. If you HAVE NO CLUE , then dont comment. IN FACT why dont you short this stock if you think this stock is a scam

    • Check my previous posts. Check the volume. Call the company, ask for printed info. You won't get any. Pump & dump danger-- avoid.

    • Cannot tell. OI 705 prior to today. Tomorrow will know how many were offsets bby how the OI changes.

    • stock has doubled up since I bought and not doubled DOWN...

    • Good eye, there. I assume those were bought not written, or can you tell? I hope someone with call options is still as bullish as I am!

    • Today . OI >2000

    • Cut your losses now. Sell and buy more INEX! Can
      you believe it? INEX is now 4 13/16!!! I think I
      anticipated a 50% 2 week loss in post #17153 on 5/6/99. Oh my
      god, I was wrong! You and Tilton LOVE INEX!!! SELL
      NITE and get in on the INEX sale!!!!!
      You were
      hyping it so vehemently only weeks ago and now it is
      cheap, cheap, cheap!!! INEX sale princess! INEX INEX

      As for me, I'm holding on by my fingernails with the
      rest of the longs. . .

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