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  • djhmk2 djhmk2 Mar 21, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    Why is stock trading $.29 above PUBLIC OFFERING of $5.25 per share?

    Why not buy into $5.25 per share PUBLIC offering or better yet wait until price goes under private offering? Why was offering made at 18% discount. Discounts over 10% are extremely rare.

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    • Offering is more con job, trying to stabilize at 5.25.

    • Huh??? Discounts of 10% are commonplace.

      As for trading ABOVE the offering? Well that is what Roth is paid to accomplish while the offering is active. Another reason is 99.999% of investors do not have the insight to buy stocks this way. And finally...Short Traders are covering here since there is no downside possibility for about a month, depending on the deal struck between Roth and CITM. Sitting around here watching their money collect dust does not pay the bills...Not to mention the Upside risk they face from an extremely LOW FLOAT stock.

      Any minor PR that improves the bottom line growth will rip the Shorts as we saw a month ago.