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  • i_am_short_here i_am_short_here Jul 26, 2013 1:34 PM Flag

    Hey, Squeezetracker, shut up for a moment and reflect on the current price of this turd, OK?

    Currently, it is a lot closer to $30 than your $60 target. OK? Got a grip? You can deny, close your eyes, and hold your breath all you want. I don't give a damn. Just wake up and smell the #$%$ coffee. Oh, and, your next favorite, HLF? I am holding put options on that one too, just like TPX. There are very good reasons some stocks have high short positions.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Now up 42% since that putz tried to dis me on this and hlf... and HLF is up some 23% percent since then.

      Fun thread to read here too... the difference between a seasoned pm perspective and the idiot trying to me, the putz with a penchant for being on the wrong side of every trade he does. LOL

    • Up 22% since this putz wrote that. HLF and GMCR are up over 20% on that timeline too. LOL

      What a F moron... hope he are still having fun short some of our key longs. LOL

    • Hey shortheredufus, how's your HLF, gmcr and TPX going to 20s short working out? ROFLOL

    • LOL at this S for brains... HOW DO YOU LIKE THOSE HLF RESULTS tonight??? LOL

      TPX quarter will be a blowout next Q...

    • What a F moron. You've been short TPX since before we bought it in the mid $30s. Enjoy the ongoing nut grind there as it roars higher on fuindamentals and the confederacy to quash Ackman and his lemmings. LOL

      TPX is going to crush the unhedged shorts out as well. Give yourself an enema with those used coffee grinds.

      As for hedge shorts vs unhedged, you obviously don't understand the difference -- but buy yourself lots of one way puts here without asking yourself which funds are writing that premium, all the idiots are doing that. LOL

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      • re the mid $30s, I wrote tpx but was talking about HLF as historians can validate on the hlf board. Our big position on that was sold out recently as it lurched above $54... we added more back on Icahn's recent wry smiling on cnbc. Wait until we see earnings Monday. Shorts are hosed.

        Let's talk about our call on GMCR. I won't waste time checking, but quite sure you were short there too -- another moron position. We called it a screaming buy at $18 on einhorning's failed analysis, added a bunch more in the mid to high $20s and sold that out (again too early) as it ran above $60. We also added that back on the recent pullback. Start to see a pattern here? You can call me name as that dufus klopplop did, but we'll just keep on laughing at what an idiot will do with his peanuts.

        About our investing here. As for TPX, go back a bit to see most of our last go round position was put on in the mid $20s was sold out in the low $40s on the gap up in January. We also wrote right here about buying it back in the mid $30s on the pullback in late February and sold that out in April when the stock stumbled from the mid $40s. Our current position was small until yesterday and had a basis in the low $40s as one can likely discern from reading our posts of late here. We are happy to be scooping up all the shares nub unhedged shorting will furnish, and happy to take liquidating long positions in too.

        See you materially higher before EOY... and we'll make it a point to let you know when we are going out since the retail shares represented here mean nothing to the pro tape on this stock.

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