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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Sep 13, 2011 6:15 PM Flag


    and you will see why I am so good at this......this coming quarter you will begin to see the bottom line so Brett Favre give it up....Aaron Rodgers has already outperformed your hype that was made up by commentators and the NFL and Brett himself. I have gone all in with the market over the past two weeks or so buying a broad range of value plays.....Be There. Boolean.

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    • My thoughts also. I am ALL-IN and plan to stay that way . The world is not ending and people/business will add to their fleets and buy vehicles. When they do this will be gold mine.

    • yes you are right when I put in a 1k share purchase it come in pieces not one chunk.......yes selling right now at your price will be tougher BUT again you like most others are taking the short view - I am confident that supreme will be bringing more money to the bottom line soon - likely this quarter SO more investors will start coming to this stock and the potential for a strong run-up over the coming year is very good. As for Obama and Bush - yes Obama inherited the worst economic disaster ever and any one who thinks it will be corrected quickly are not sane - some states will take over 60 years (those that use the courts) to dump all of their homes. But don't just focus on the US - like at the TIGER report or just review world-wide economic growth. It is still quite good and most of the negatives being spoken about are POSSIBILITIES and not actual - potentia not presently - conjecture not fact. Yes it could all unravel but I don't think so. This market drop has hit me no doubt - it always does because I invest heavily and yes I went ALL IN and was a little early but all those solid profits I took off the table before (the cash I used to go back ALL IN)were at win lose draw get some pain but keep focused - it is September the worst month for equities. I say it is a good buying opportunity and we shall see. Even my GOLD is getting pounded so this is a full fledge wipe-out unless you are short which I am not. Hopefully this rattles the cage of everyone who is supposed to be acting on this economic calamity but allowed politics to reign. I am ALL-IN and plan to stay that way and though I may be a little early (sometimes by 6-8 weeks) I average down into those plays that I feel are outstanding values - it has always worked out with much higher prices - maybe the world is ending but then - what matters then. Boolean.

    • Boole old man you brought up Bush and attacked his presidency. That seems lame to me and you really have nothing good to say about Obama. You live in the past Obama is president and every man in this administration is now his man. You talk about how wonderful you are and that you miss nothing. You constantly pump this stock and you missed the fact that it goes down while you are pumping. You have nothing credible to say that will raise this stock. If you’re a big player you could have bought all my stock and not left me with 50 shares. I sold a few thousand shares and no one would take it all at once. You were here bragging about adding when I was having trouble getting out. IF I were a big player like you I would not buy any less than 1000 shares of a of a $2.00 stock. Spin your yarn but I was selling when you were buying. It took multiple sells to get rid of my stock. This is not a bad stock and it is a good price now but it is hard to sell if it went up you can’t sell a large lump and make money.

    • I am an independent my son but Bernanke is a Bush selection and he is a key disaster - again Obama kept Bernanke another Bush disaster. And come on now - the entire right wing have ostracized Bush so don't try to support a ship that already was sunk by its own party. Don't just be a Republican at what ever the cost - that is lame. Boolean.

    • Now the truth is out on you Boole. You are a real LEFTY. Typical liberal you live in dream world and another blame Busher. Obama is not following Bush, he instead is spending us to oblivion most of the spending stimulus going to Democrat run states to bale out their deficits. GO P ublic employee Unions. When you guys run the show, look what happens! California, Illinois, Michigan, NeW Youk, New Jersey; need more? Lefites equal flawed analysis.

    • Listen - don't blame Obama he inherited a mess and then he put on his Bush mask and kept up the disaster left to him even continuing the disastrous Bush Tax Cuts.......where are the jobs the tax cuts were supposed to bring - the Bush years were flat except for a fraud housing boom. What crappola. Obama should be ashamed of himself for following the Bush path. We now see mega-million dollar homes selling very well - Saks doing outstanding and many RICH CATS businesses doing very well while the little guy is drowning. BUT this market is going to rise strongly and I don't miss these moves.......ever......I may be a few months early but that is all OK and I recently put my final 100k that was out of the market (mostly from take-overs and stocks that had risen way too sharply) back into value stocks. Boolean.

    • You are like Obama; keep saying Value, Value, Value. Back it up. If you are accoumulating you better plan on holding a long time. Thinly traded this stock has retreated from $3 resistance a very few times over past three years. Have you stopped taking your Meds?

    • robert......another low self esteem guy who comes on the board during times of upheaval to spout off and try to look smart and for me it is way too funny.....I am buying these values like a mad.....mad I say.....MAD.....just like I have in all the other upheaval markets because that is when the value is screaming and punks like you are out there mouthing off proving to me that now is the time to buy and BUY I AM. Boolean.

    • No volume, No dividend, No Growth. So why am I still here? When I sold for a loss I got stuck with 50 shares and I have to wait till it is worth selling. I only hope I live that long. The worst of it all is that I still like the stock.

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