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  • bumm_fukher bumm_fukher Jul 17, 2013 12:43 PM Flag

    I'm in heavy and bleeding bad

    Give me a reason to stay. This stock has done nothing but bomb and decimate shareholder value. The PFS was great, the share price bombs. The next catalyst is the Investors Conference in NY on July 22nd, should we expect anything different in the share price.

    This has been bid wacked consistently for the last year.

    They now want to do a 50/1 reverse split to keep a Nasdaq listing and have 2M shares o/s (albeit it has to be voted on) Why only 2M shares o/s?

    You only need a $1 stock to keep a Nasdaq listing but you know they wil have to dilute to raise money, hence the 50/1 reverse split idea. Some big money will come in at probably $2.00 a share and you will lose another 50%

    Why is a Nasdaq listing so important, because it attracts big investors but look at all the other potash juniors trading from .30 to .60 cents... there all OTC stocks with 3 times as many shares o/s. They don't seem to worried about a Nasdaq listing. #$%$ they have never had one!


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    • You obviously don't have much money in this. If you were a seasoned pro you would not be worried about this short set back. It. Has only been weeks at th is low price. This is normal after a public offering and stock split reversal talk. Trust me on this. It will go up and it will bounce very high. The feasibility study is very positive. Just sit back and relax. You will be laughing all the way to the bank months from now.

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    • "Give me a reason to stay."

      I cannot think of any. Here are some reasons why this is at $.08:

      1. Management, directors, and "consultants" took out something like $50 million last year. That looks to people a little like looting.
      2. The company has completely botched its financing several times.
      3. The recent pre-feasibility study came up with a ridiculous capex estimate that nobody believes.
      4. Everybody thinks that lenders will absolutely shun this management, forcing it into bankruptcy, at which time the bones will be available for even less.

      When this company first thumbed its nose at Apollo's financing--and had to pay a $9 million penalty to boot--that was the time to sell It was when big money ran away from Prospect Global.

      Other junior potash operations are hurting (including Passport) and some are doing reasonably well. None of them have shown the venality and incompetence of this outfit and all of them have a better shot at financing than Prospect.

      Anyway, that's what I think.

      So helpme_hanna

    • bwyatt Jul 18, 2013 7:11 AM Flag

      Man o man some of you guys are panic merchants, you not deserve to hold this stock.... I've been in mining for over 30 years and trading this type of stock about 15 years... The calm amongst you know your on a winner and that the worst is behind us.. The group that have watch their stock value fall remember... Most of you bought in probably less than 50c... I say to you do the maths.... It's going to make you wealthy if you have the nerve.. The stock is not going to fold... Apollo was dumped for the right reasons... And the PFS looks very realistic... Damon Barber.. Read his bio... We are in safe hands...


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    • At the very least wait until the vote in August and see what it does when they vote down the r/s. 300k shares and down 17k$ here. Remember, they can still file for an extension of listing for 180 days. This stock is going up, but not without a lot of turbulence along the way. If you can handle it, you'll be fine.

    • pkelly0103 Jul 17, 2013 3:48 PM Flag

      This stock is going up. Dont worry, Just be patient, #$%$ become a day trader in this stock. Investments are for a long time, Do yourself some good and turn off the screens. Stop looking at the chart and share price every minute. This will go up. I'm at a total of 200k shares. So You can understand how i feel about this company.

    • Wish I could but I can't prove you wrong. But you know this is extremely undervalued compared to other juniors. The minute you bail after putting up with the pain for so long it will move back to a comparable price with the others. Wouldn't that suck.

    • Stay in and vote for the pinks!!!! I'm guessing you bought a lot in the .30 cents range? There plan isn't that bad. The senior debt is schedule for July 2015. They will have the feasibility study done 3Q 2014. The conference on Monday may bring in a stock boost. Even so they'll have about 2-3 quarters to get investors before the debt is due in July 2015. It will cost them 875M to build the mine. I doubt it would be hard to get financing for a full billion with this report being so good. They will have enough to build the mine and pay off their debts..... They are right on schedule.

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