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  • daytraderwon daytraderwon Jun 7, 2002 12:27 PM Flag

    The true about HD

    What I will now post you is the truth about HD, as I believe it. Do your own DD. First the quality of help has gone to hell in a hand basket. They are hiring just part time help now and firing the knowledge staff by tricking them into MGT positions then laying them off. The cap is not 16 bucks an hour and everyone is leaving. But that is just the tip of the ice burg. HD screwed up big this spring. They are selling the plaints in the garden centers below cost. The biggest sellers of their biggest time of the year sold below costs to compete. But it failed and the earnings will reflect this. Customers are complaining to MGT about there being no help in to stores. To create the illusion of a fully staffed store HD is forcing vendors to put on the orange smocks and appear to be hired help when they enter the stores. HD has not trained any of its new employees this year. Knowledgeable staff is was what made HD a success but the new CEO (passed over by GE for reasons that are now clear to everyone) does not understand anything about what made HD a success. Earning will crash.

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    • after being terminated and endured the long 1. years of home depot's refusal to pay me wages they just occured to me, perhaps they also didn't want to pay me the $16/hour that was agreed to.

      bunch of lying, no good bastards at home depot!

      cap on floor is not $16/hour..I was told some confidential information. the avg help is poor at best...I am ashamed of even being in a store that is full of so many idiots....what comes to mind there is Captain Kirk calling to be beamed back to his ship as there is no intelligent life to be found.

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      • ToomToom ......

        "after being terminated and endured the long 1. years of home depot's"

        The above quote speaks volumes about what type of worthless, sleazeball, unemployment line loitering, and milk the system for all its worth douche' bag you really are.

        Do you just have the social security office forward your checks to your ISP or what?

        Fuckin LOSER. I mean how fucking stupid does one have to be to be FIRED from HomeDepot - holy shit man..... pathetic.

    • Thank you. It's 6/7/02, the stock is under $40, and I believe yours is the first reference to earnings that I have seen on this board since the stockholders meeting.

    • You appear to be a TOTAL LIAR.

      Putting you on IGNOR.

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