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  • kyru2you kyru2you Jun 6, 2003 7:03 PM Flag

    Is home depot racist???

    They're too stupid to be racist. 300,000 dumb and dumber's. Besides the hillbillies only hire their relatives, Cousin Joe-Bob, Uncle-Dad, Auntie-Sis. The whole incestuist family works there.
    Then there are the Gays/Lesbians who only hire their kind with tattoos. Don't expect any of them to know anything about the product that they carry. Try to get waited on, they run like hell to keep from helping you.

    They all hang out at Nascar car events because it is a very easy sport to learn. The cars go round-n- round. (makes it easy to keep score). The excitement is when the cars crash and some hillbilly dies.

    You can spot them in the stores they wear the filthy aprons with all the buttons and badges. The dirtier the apron the more PROUD they are.

    You can also find on programs like Jerry Springer, and Ricki Lake (audience and guest). Their favorite movie of all time is "Jack-ass."

    Service with a toothless grin. "I don't work in that dept. "let me git sombodie fer ya" and you will never see them again...

    I hear Nardelli is hiring only college grads for management. He's trying to improve the caliper of management. What he doesn't know is that the hillbilles and the tattooed ones have scared and intimidated the college kids so they won't come out of the back rooms.

    I love it, hillbilly-homo depot. It's pure commedy.

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    • I'm not sure this is the guy I dealt with. He was much more vicious than this garden variety clown. The guy I dealt with used to always say "may you rot in Hell", stuff like that if you remember. He was also convinced my name was Navarro so he'd impersonate that. He looked at satellite photos of a house that he thought was mine, talked about some minivan. He also would type an e-mail address that wasn't mine on here. My guy was much more direct in his attacks. This clown is just fishing.

      He's not the only imposter I have right now. But I do know who the other one is. My old guy better never come back. I have a water tight mental anguish suit just waiting to be filed against that jerkoff.

      Just closed the bar, late one. Gotta get some zzzzzzzz's.


    • i dont see why people come on here a raise a bunch of crap isnt this suppose to be a hd investor message board or what yeah ive vented about working at hd and said some stupid stuff about how they are to work for but talking like they do is just stupid it makes you wonder about the type of family morals they grew up with any way hd is a strong buy lokk for it to hit 40 by the middle of july

    • My imposter was much more vulgar than this guy seems to be. Not sure of this guys motives. Well it takes all kinds.

      Gotta go.

    • You do have a point.

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      • kidding.

        This is just another Interview Kiosk Reject who is still mad because he can't get a job there.

        He could start with the following..

        "dumber's"...should be dumbers, just plural
        "incestuist"...try incentuous
        "Nascar car"....redundant. I'll personally explain later
        "stores they"...just a run-on sentence
        "caliper"...right, if you are an engineer
        "commedy"...this is an attempt at humor, right?

        Who is the Hillbilly? And, how is your sister? LOL!


    • Sounds more like WMT ya'll...

    • a Rhode Scholar.

    • Are you an example of what an educated city boy should be like? The city boys I know are much more intelligent than you are. A few examples of your stupidity are listed for you:

      300,000 not 300/000

      incestuous not incestuist

      caliber or calibre not caliper

      comedy not comeddy

      Now, next time you're in the South and need directions, or whatever, remember we are very hospitable folks................until you cross us. Then we become quite unpleasant and actually enjoy playing "Hide the City Boy" in about 6 feet of dirt. As you mentioned in your nice story we don't mind getting dirty. In your case, hell it would be a pleasure, boy.

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      • What City Boy doesn't realize about HD is that He is blaming all the associates as if we were all to blame for the lack of hours and training. He doesn't realize that MANAGEMENT is all to blame, It goes all the way to the BIG DOG, "Nardelli" if he wasn't bleeding HD dry like a two dollar hooker than the money he's stealing would go back into things like BETTER TRAINING, MORE STORE HOURS, but we shouldn't yell at CITY BOY for his opinions, REMEMBER This saying,

        Assholes are like opinions, everyone's got one, but we dont want yours City boy.


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