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  • bushcutsspending bushcutsspending Apr 11, 2005 3:08 PM Flag

    Home depot dump commencing now ?


    Rally has no legs and walmart 0% warning as well as ford and GM layoffs do you realize what this will do for HD purchased going forward ? predict HD earnings warning next qtr my brother tols me flagship store in Nasha NH is empty most times he goes there !
    Kmart did not liquidate but went bankrupt and the stockholders lost huge as GM stock holders will when GM goes under. 300 Billion in debt it's a certainty it's only when and not if and if the fed keeps raising rates it will be sooner not later...

    Ford Warns after market closes !! WMT
    Warns agin over the weekend down big ah !
    Predict classic pump and dump today longs !
    Watch for big afternoon selloff !
    Consumer tapped out on credit card, auto ,mortgage, refi debt !
    Ford Warns after market closes !!
    Ford was down huge AH !

    No one is buying suv's that gm and ford are making !
    I tried to warn you buy most will only learn the lesson the hard way - with thier wallets !

    "barons says tech warnings huge this quarter !
    See beyond
    Best Buy
    Radio Shack
    SEIBEL systems
    Cray super computer
    Mentor Graphics
    Silicon Graphics
    DELL (says PC sales slowing down !)
    Accenture (cut bonus's to make numbers)
    IBM looks like its going to warn !
    It's a pretty extensive list (more than this this is off the top of my head and what the barrons article says is that small companies cannot do the accounting Gymnastics that big companies can but everythign ws put into this quarter and that next quarter (q2) it will be very evident that the recovery is not happening !

    Ford warned huge after the market closed on Friday Ford stock fell huge ah as wel as it's bonds that were downgraded by S&P on Friday night !! Somewhere C and all dow stocks are going to be affected by this IMO as they do not operate ina vacuum. You know I am right deep down don't you but you refuse to sell and are destined to lose most of your money in this overprcied bear market !
    GM AND FORD bonds may cause huge collapse of Bond market GM has 300 BILLION of bonds yet market cap of GM is 16 bilion !
    Walmart says 0%-1% same store sales and warned on earnings for this quarter !
    No less than this many companies in the dow are signalling big trouble ahead !


    barrons Ran a negative article on CATERPILLAR
    over the weekand another blow to the dow index and said Financials now comprise 40% of the dow stocks where they were less than 10% 20 years ago !

    You are going to learn the lessons of your lives this year if your 401K is in this market IMO !

    Upside is nil downside is huge !
    100% of 401K in money market
    small short positions in Kohls and Washington Mutual in my IRA the rest in WHT and DEZ
    do you own due diligence !

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