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  • brilliant_analyst brilliant_analyst Apr 12, 2005 3:05 PM Flag

    Told ya so

    Told you to go in at 1:30PM.
    If you listened, you would have made enough money for a weekend in Vegas.
    TIP: This is now an oficial trading stock. Jump in and out at least twice a week. If you doubt it, look at the recent charts.

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    • You have a tremendously similar disease as itstillmattersin2002...same guy? Just like that alias, you're on ignore also. Don't waste your time posting a reply...I won't be reading it.


    • p.s. don't forget to let the air out of your g.i.jane doll like you did last time. remember, you lost useage of her for a full 2 weeks becouse you didn't clean her up and put her away last time.

    • must be nice, but i think your mom is calling you to get out of the bath tub, put away your toys, and get ready for dinner.

    • Get over yourself, your an ant in large ant farm here. None of use are greater than the market in any sense. Timing is for fools, averaging in a good company is the only sound advice one can offer on a message board.

      Those trading the stock are the worst sort of speculators. This ain't the 90's, guy.

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      • For your information, my friend, traders have made more money on the ups and downs over the last 3 months than in any other period over the last 20 years.
        So you go right ahead and "invest" in solid companies like Enron, Worldcom and Adelphia while we have fun and make money using the frailties of a gullible crowd who believes that big names make big profits.
        If you're old enough you may remember the New York Central Railroad, Eastern Airlines, Pan Am, American Locomotive and numerous other companies that died of atrophy shortly after being declared indestructable.
        Make money on swings in stocks and markets because "investing" is passe.
        And if we are the "worst sort of speculators", so be it. We're drowning in profits and helping the US Treasury with short term gains taxes.

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