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  • repubassbuster repubassbuster Jul 26, 2005 12:44 PM Flag

    �Wall of Shame Honors Jobless Americans

    The idea of a memorial for workers in Iowa whose jobs were lost to global outsourcing came logically to Joe Ironside, IAM District 6 Business Representative. �I�ve seen three members of my own family and thousands more like them lose their jobs as companies like Square D and Goss Graphics left Iowa for Mexico and China,� said Ironside. �The desire to acknowledge these people eventually became �George W. Bush�s �Wall of Shame�, bearing the names of more than 1,200 jobless Iowans.�

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    • How can you bitch about losing jobs to other countries when we do it to ourselves? Unions drive wages and costs up to the point where companies look overseas, we have more lazy people in our economy who want something for nothing, and in general we are not competitive.
      You may not like what I say but the truth is we do it to ourselves.

    • <<All the freebies that is given to these companies to locate a plant in a particular state or community is simply MORE CORPORATE WELFARE, PERIOD.>>

      It's not greed - It's competition. These local governments aren't paying up just to be friendly. They want the tax base, the jobs, and the resulting revenue. You are such an idiot.

    • What's even funnier is that the story never made the local news!

    • That's pretty funny. If you can't find a job in Iowa these days then you are just not employable. The unemployment rate is something like 4.5% here, not counting those working for cash.

    • It is time for Joe Ironside to acquire new skills instead of wasting energy fighting whats already done.It is a global economy, you shop at Wal-mart for the prices, you buy Arab gas,your shoes are not made here, why should anything that your fellow american's won't buy because it can't be done cheap enough be made here? The people in the other countries want what we have and are willing to work harder, longer and most importantly cheaper than the people in Iowa. I'm sure most people in Iowa have 2-3 cars, a nice house with a huge mortgage, 5-10 credit cards, nice clothes, three kids going to college and much more. The funny thing to me is Iowa wants this life style guarenteed by the gov't. Do what the rest of do Iowa, get off your ass and find a new way to make money, thats the american way.

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      • It's too bad that America doesn't make much of any thing in this country anymore, (exept more Americans) because our trade defecit continues to grow. I just don't think the world will continue to buy jets, or Cadilac's or heavy construction equipment. If things continue like this, the only thing we will have to sell will be property, like that little garden spot in Leavenworth Ks. I think this is a great country, I just wonder when we will realise that we need to "buy American" to survive in this new global economy. The Japanese know it and we taught them all we knew.

    • I think many people have asked you nicely to get off this shit. How about sucking my purple headed cock?

    • My post are directed at the source of the america's problems, the current administration and their voo doo economic & foreign policies. I am not bashing anyone, i simply provide links to genuine un-altered articles that tell the side of the news that you never get from you pals at fox or limbaugh. These articles have nothing to do with liberal, conservative or independent theory, they are just true facts as they occur before the gop propagandist get them and relay them to you. I am not pushing anything onto anyone, if you dont want to see the truth, dont click on the article and continue to listen to your fox pals & rusty limbaugh.

    • Can't blame JR for square D shutting down the plant in north carolina.

      They figured out they can hire workers in mexico for one week for what they were paying a worker for one day in north carolina.

      Oh, and they don't have to pay any social security taxes for the Mexican workers.

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      • mnemonic_man,
        I do blame them for shutting down plants in America and moving to some third world economy because if they go somewhere and make their investment then the local thugs decide to take it, the first thing these corporate leeches will do is come running to AMEIRCAN TAXPAYERS TO BAIL THEM OUT FINANCIALLY AND OUR AMERICAN SOLDIERS TO GO FIGHT THE THUGS FOR THEM, and that is BULL$HIT.

        The corporate leeches also want to live in America where there has been relative freedom and saftey while hiding the wealth they got from blood & sweat of others offshore to avoid paying their fair share of the tax burden in America, that is also BULL$HIT.

    • hey,bone head did you notice this is a hd message board? I think you want or braindeadanddon' hope I helped you out. liberal puke.

    • some of the honor needs to go to Bubba Blinton,because he pushed for China to be granted "favored nation"trading status and NAFTA went into efffect on his watch.He signed the actual law putting NAFTA into the works.After congress ratified the treaty.

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