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The Home Depot, Inc. Message Board

  • constinvstr constinvstr May 19, 2009 9:38 AM Flag

    Visit Home Depot before buy HD.

    Home Depot used to be organized with decent customer service. Now when I go to Home Depot, it's like going to a junk yard. Garbage everyone and dust all over their products. Customer service is non-exist. You see them walking around, socializing among themselves, and don't care about their customers. When you ask one a question, the answer is almost always "I don't know, ask someone there..." and then disappeared. I went to 3 Home Depots around my area, they are all the same so I assume it is like that everywhere. I always wonder if their people were paid enough. I see the same thing going on with K-Mart before it finally went bankruptcy. K-Mart was nice and neat many years ago. Their people was once coutesous. Then it became a junk yard with their staff sleepwalking. Home Depot seems undergoing the same transition now. For this reason, I wouldn't invest in HD. I am just throwing my 2 cents here. I don't have any interest in HD, short or long. If you don't believe me, go visit Home Depot today.

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    • I wouldn't be surprised if they close more stores or lose more market share to the competitors.

      A few years back, I wrote a letter to corp management for the insensitive and down-right discriminatory attitude/service I received when I was asking for help at the store. what ticked me off even more was that I was with my wife and my young daughter at the time of this rude and unprofessional encounter.

      OK.. I went back to the store a few years later and the very same floor person that treated me badly is still there - she was just a little more fuller. Yes, the store had less customers this time around as a lot of you have mentioned on this board(I'm sure tough economy attributes to this as well).

      I told my friends and family about my experience. Now, I go out of my way to support their competition. A few months back, I bought my second house and spent about $45,000 for the remodel. Did not give them a penny.

      I am not a short nor do I own any HD shares. Just sharing my unfortunate experience.

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      • I do go to Home Depot quite a bit and have noticed a change. But in my opinion it has been a positive one. I have noticed customer service getting better in my area. I think they have a new customer service initiative because I see associates more responsive to customers now. They have radios they use to call help or answer questions. They have folks at the front door answering questions and directing folks to the right part of the store.

        To me, they have noticed a need to change back to their old customer service focus.

    • You said it well and are not alone in your assessment I hate to see HD going downhill in service but there has been a dramatic change of the last few years. And I have compared HD to KMart myself. Good comment.

    • Problems with Home Depot... I see store full of employees and no customers. Poor resource management. If your not a white male over 40 good luck getting help. Service not consistent for all customers. IMHO

    • you are absolutley right.Lowes is much cleaner and well organised.

    • jozefbenak May 19, 2009 10:44 AM Flag

      Do you remember Builders Square?
      HD same fate IMHO.

    • Employee moral is certainly non-existsent at HD, which is the legacy of Bob Nardelli, who doesn't have a clue how to run a business. Long gone are the days when every employee was "an associate" and was getting HD stock not only in their 401Ks but also in their regular brokerage accounts. Nardelli was behind the move to part-time employees so he didn't have to pay beneifts - a practice which I would hope Obama might consider outlawing. What other reason is there in having two guys, both working half time at both W-mart and HD when they could both be full time at one store, other than to deny them benefits?
      And guess what? Employees are also consumers; so if they get shafted, they can't afford to buy stuff, so it comes round and bites their employers in the ass.
      Economies are basically unstable, is my conclusion. If it feels like boomtime, everybody is happy and buying stuff and fuelling the boom. If it feels like bust time, everybody is hunkered down saving their money and creating a recession. It needs a trigger to switch from one to the other. There were many crooked, self-seeking and greedy CEOs in the Bush decade, as well as suicidal political stupidity like Canada's finance minister Jim Flaherty, which provided ample triggers for the downturn to start. This years change in government in the US may be the trigger to turn it up.
      Even though I am a lifetime Conservative, they went so far to the bigoted right under Bush, with disastrous consequences, that they will be lucky to see power again for a generation. We need policies that will make people feel secure enough to spend again, and I have to say that a National Health Care System may be a good thing.

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      • they chose that job,, most $10-15 an hour workers are unhappy in life. so why would you be shocked at the way tehy run the place, the [profist are huge at home depot this quarter considering they say we are in a recession,, but what recession

      • Now, that's what we need. The Gov't legislating the use of part time help. This is a free country. Demonstrate your worth and no business will WANT you working part time for someone else. Your rant indicates that you are one of the part time, short timers. Spend more time constructive building your personal stock and less time whining about defeat, and THEN you may start thinking conservatively.

    • Ever try Menards? Menards employs teenagers that don't have a clue. I would put my faith in a HD employee rather than a Menards employee.

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