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  • grnftr grnftr Oct 10, 2010 12:57 PM Flag

    Collapse of the US in full swing

    The system is starting to collapse and this is not just my opinion, but that of several well respected financial experts, Jimmy Rogers (a stunningly accurate record for thirty years that's very well documented) among them. The government has just printed up 1.7 Trillion dollars out of thin air and bought back government bonds to put the money in circulation. This simply put is theft from anyone holding dollars. Punishing the innocent and prudent that save is a precedent that signals the beginning of the end. They are planning another QE II (where you buy back bonds with freshly printed money) shortly. Devaluing money will soon push interest rates sky high for everyone will want a severe risk premium on any loan if they are going to be paid back with cheap, devalued dollars for running the printing presses. Raise rates and the price of real estate and anything requiring a loan will have to drop or suffer a severe drop in sales because of the increase in payment size required. Now you see when it comes to investing I had to adopt the premise that everyone, until proven otherwise, is a liar, cheat or thief. This especially includes the government, which has become totally self serving to its employees and paid special interests. Also remember, few if any will have a good life if we continue to reward and perpetuate a lack of integrity and honesty. Right now we are rewarding back stabbing and game playing. It's gotten to the point many don't even know they are doing bad things because it has become the culture they operate in. I especially saw this in interviews with Goldman sacks people.
    Almost all will suffer.

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    • grn..., I agree with your statement "... when it comes to investing I had to adopt the premise that everyone, until proven otherwise, is a liar, cheat or thief. This especially includes the government, which has become totally self serving to its employees and paid special interests." At Gettysburg, Lincoln spoke of our government "of the people, by the people, and for the people". Shortly after this, atheism, enhanced by Marx (economics) and Darwin (origins biology) began the century long process of changing our government in a government that is of the governors, by the governors, and for the governors and their friends.

    • It is because we have more takers, than makers. Obummer is trying to put us all on welfare. Why else would he go after the good people of Arizona, trying to protect themselves from narco terrorists. Why encourage all these takers from Mexico, to bilk as many dollars as possible from our over abused taxpayers!

    • Hi Kirt

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      • a-j-hanson Oct 17, 2010 9:54 AM Flag

        Hello Norris, I've been looking at interviews of Goldman Sachs people and realized with people like this in control the US is doomed. They have lost touch to the point they don't even have a clue of what's right and wrong. They remind me of the Nazi regime or the Magabe regime of Africa. The US system is very sick. The reagan/bush regime destroyed this country. One of the very few bright lights I see is governor Christie of New Jersey, but I see far to few people that will confront the evil that causes the problems that are destroying what was once the greatest country on earth.

    • Home Depot blew the international expansion under narpiggi and instead bought a lot of garbage in the US that it sold off as Home Depot supply. Unemployement climbing, dollar going down, trade deficit climbing, government deficits throught the roof and competition all over the world in everything increasing fast. Prepare for violence as the US collapses with globalization and a flood of low skill, poorly educated, no asset, pay little or no taxes, baby popping immigrants who don't even want to integrate. The US is going down and picking up speed.

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      • hi,

        Buying up all the commercial supply companies and putting each under the HD Supply brand was a bad idea.

        HD paid big money, thanks to the pig, for these brands only to scrap them and rename them as HD Supply, along with all the talent that was forced to reapply for their jobs.

        The decision not to expand to the UK by paying too much money for an existing retailer in 2004 is the only thing that Nardelli did that I agree with.

        Speaking at Home Depot's annual investor day over the weekend, the group's chief executive said: "I couldn't think of a worse time to do an international acquisition". Pointing to the weakness of the US dollar he argued: "With the current exchange rate it would be dumb."

      • Here in the People's Republic of Md., we have a Dem Governor, Martin O'Malley up for re-election. This POS is saturating the minority areas of Maryland, with red light/speed cameras to gather tax money since he made us a sanctuary state. As a Black man, I've had enough. Please vote all these Dems out. No one can figure how to get illegals to pay taxes. This is why Nancy Pelosi wants a transaction tax of 2%. This will again apply to all, not just illegals.

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