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  • phil_mccrakkin phil_mccrakkin Sep 14, 2011 8:40 PM Flag

    Newest HD horror stories

    Lady wanted a counter top. Her husband is a machinist and gave HD measurements. They said, "no, no, no, we will measure it." So, they send some guy out and he measures it. Six weeks later, the counter top shows up and it's the wrong size. They measured it again and found the mistake and it took six more weeks to get the counter top in.

    While she was there, she ordered a piece of carpet to redo the stairs. That took a month to come in. I put the stairs in for her (I normally don't touch HD carpet, but he was having his eightieth birthday and they needed it done right away.)

    Long story short, I start cutting the carpet up and the entire end of the roll is mangled. Looked like they ran it into a wall with a forklift, bent it and then buried it under a pile of other junk. Plus, they creased it when they rolled it and put the tape on too tight. This was expensive Shaw soft back. About $70 of carpet mangled, which doesn't sound like the end of the world except these people are on a fixed income.

    Lady says, "I am never shopping there again. Even if I live to be a hundred, no way."


    Then, these other people went to buy laminate the other day. I was carpeting their basement and they said, "can you put in a couple hundred feet of laminate." I said, "okay, I can't make any money selling laminate, but I don't mind putting it in. Charge about $2.00 a foot.

    Anyhow, they go to the store and say, "tell us what to buy." They come home with eleven boxes of laminate. No underlayment foam, no transitions. This guy is literally a nuclear physicist. I told him, "did you ask for underlayment or transitions?" He said yes, but the sales guy told him, "you don't need any of that stuff, just a saw."

    OMG, these people are clueless. W/O underlayment, you void the warranty (which is probably useless, but whatever,) and transitions? It's a floating floor, you can't tuck carpet in directly. You need their cheesy snap in crap or else it won't work.

    Unreal. Does anyone there have the remotest clue about anything?

    My fault again for breaking a primary rule -- if you let somebody buy crap at Home Depot, there WILL be problems.

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