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  • kcf_07757 kcf_07757 Nov 29, 2012 1:48 PM Flag

    $62 billion in damages from Hurricane Sandy.... Some of that $$$ has to go to HD...

    I bought this stock just before the Hurricane hit... I lived on the NJ shore and resently moved but considering the size of the last few storms and the predictions on this one --- seemed like a sure bet...Besides no matter what the climate change deniers are telling each other --- in my 35 yrs in my old house I saw the 50 yr storm, the 100 yr storm and now the 200 yr storm hit... LOL... and that was in a space of just 35 yrs...

    And forget about new construction ---- 75% of the housing market is re-sale ... and the tradesmen and remodelers always make a living after these things.....

    So I`ve watched the initial price I bought at go down and now up....guess that was the quick money... now I`m expecting a sustained rise... and even if we get hit with a recession later this year and next --- that government money for the storm damage --- and I would expect other storms too-- tornadoes, etc.... will add to HD bottom line.

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    • Well last year in december this stock wasnt worth 63 or even 60 now ur saying the storm money will make this stock worth it...well any builder will have a store he will use... home depot is for the do it your self weekend person im sorry but i dont see this going up for u good luck

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    • How does it feel to try and take advantage of others' misery?

      BTW, this awful company makes the bulk of its money by using illegals to install products, not off of people dying in natural disasters.

    • You will be dissappointed. Time to buy was last year around $30 not now.

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