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  • lowlander1232000 lowlander1232000 Jun 8, 2013 9:39 PM Flag

    Narpiggy Playbook

    It seems like local HDS are now hiring too many pts to replace fts who are leaving !!! If this is going on nationwide this is a move from the Narpiggy playbook and the recovery of this company which Blake engineered will stall !!!

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    • Obama is to blame, and Pelosi and Kathryn Sebelius is the piggy, not Nardelli. He didn't make the rules.

    • Reason for additional p/t workers, ObamaCare says if you work 30 hours a week on average,
      you must be classified as full time and the company has to offer you health insurance coverage.

      So, the part timer existing associates are now capped at 29 hours per week. Should you work over 29 hours, your next week scheduled hours will be reduced to compensate so you do not exceed the limit.

      It was common for many part time associates to work 33, 34 or even 40 hours a week to cover vacations, time off, sick days and jury duty.

    • If Home Depot moves back to a higher than Normal Pt /FT ratio this would be a move in the wrong direction and will ultimately hurt there business again !!! Hopefully Blake doesnt allow this to happen ?????

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      • reality still trumps all plans ... fact is , it is getting tougher and tougher for the HD's and Walmarts to
        stick to their employee scheme .... there is not that huge labor pool of desperate people out there as
        there was a few years ago ... i know of one HD location that hired 65 temps and only 13 came in
        to punch a time clock ... couple that with increasing retirement rate and their labor pool are shrinking ....
        eventually , across the board , all sectors are going to have to increase wages and hire more
        f/t's ...
        people should not be so razor focused on the FED's accomodation and such , because at this
        juncture , inflation looks to be very much at bay and still could turn deflationary ... what will most
        likely happen , is that as the economy weans itself from the FED's easy money , and there seems
        to be nothing to ignite inflation , wages will rise , then prices and we'll have a real and actual
        inflation problem ...

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