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  • phil_mccrakkin phil_mccrakkin Oct 21, 2013 10:28 PM Flag

    Let's review Home Depot's flooring products, shall we?

    Again, I NEVER buy anything in Home Depot. tools for flooring website is where I go.

    Tack strip, concrete: unusable. Worst available anywhere. Useless.
    Tack strip, wood: barely usable. Would use if desperate, but it would be miserable to use. Thin, brittle wood.
    Seam tape: Hit or miss. Usually sub-grade junk. Expensive, glue is worthless.
    Carpet blades: Personna. Yawn. Overpriced. Much cheaper on the net.
    Carpet knives: Personna Blue Thunder has a weird thing sticking out on the bottom. Other cheapies are just Chinese junk. Useless.
    Stair Tools: They have one that is okay. Another is some weird plastic and cannot be hammered.
    Seam Rollers: Typical stuff. Way overpriced compared to the net.
    Seam iron: Bottom of the bucket Roberts. It works, but that's about it.
    Knee kicker: Bottom of the bucket Roberts. Ditto. It works, but is not nice.

    Latex seam sealer: useless. Smelly. Takes forever to set up. Stains the carpet.
    General purpose carpet glue: Watery, expensive. Doesn't tack. Goes from watery to dry and non sticky.
    Pressure sensitive adhesive: Expensive, only available in 1 gallon buckets. Works okay. Doesn't satisfy warranties of major mills. Desperation product. Again, I will drive 300 miles and get the real stuff.

    Tile mortar: Weird, off-brand junk.
    Grouts: Forget it. Off brand junk.

    Et cetera, et cetera. All Chinese made junk. If I am desperate and really need a tool, I will drive three hundred miles to get a real tool rather than buy a one time use tool from The Home Depot.

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    • $75 a share.

    • You need to do some research before you post your lies about home depot supplies.

    • Phil , around these parts , people have been using HD flooring on their roofs ... works great ... maybe
      you are not using their products for what they were intended for , eh ?????
      OOOppppss .. better watch out , another band of Mexicans just took 2 jobs from you ...

    • and YOU sir , are being a fine American capitalist consumer ... having choices is what it's all about ...

    • Crack'n-You'r loyalty to probably the worst president this country has ever seen is puzzling at best. I do have to agree though with some of your comment's concerning HDs product's. A lot of it IS cr_p where quality is concerned. Much of it also comes from china-which explain's a lot! As to pricing--from hardware, fixtures etc. to tool's prices are up there considering the marginal quality. I would hardly call it "discount pricing"!

      So why the success, at least up to this point ? To start with they run the local hardware stores[ace etc.] & lumber yards out of dodge when they arrive like most big bloated box stores do. It's "convenient" for the week end warrior amatures that would not know quality hardware/tools/etc. if it bit them in the behind-OR good pricing! But no matter. After a year or two that smaller hardware store with an owner that has decades of trade knowledge is gone-leaving only the big box store left to shop at. Here in the silly-cone valley area of CA. HD has the yuppy cust. -most with more money than brain's when it comes to any kind of construction so the picken's are pretty good. We also have a lot of "recent arrival" folks calling themselves contractor's that frequent HD. Having lived in the construction industry for most of my life it amazes me how some of these guy's manage to get paid with the quality of work they do. The professional contractors I know do NOT shop at HD, unless it's a REAL emergency! The bottom line-HD is a store for the amature week end warrior who is not familiar with quality merchandise & not price conscious.

      There is no magic involved in the HD marketing or business plan IMO. Just another big box using their muscle to grap market share from local business...k-mart comes to mind,.and as the economy slow's so will the traffic in the stores. This pup is far past the start up phase it's a mature business despite the hype. Subject to on line competition from the likes of scamazon etc.

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      • Gee, last time I checked, Ace Hardware has over 4,077 stores.

        More then LOW and HD combined.

      • Thx, I am not an Obama fan. That said, have no stomach for those who support republicans, either. I am a retired US Army Officer and saw the waste and corruption in Iraqnam and Afghanistan. Don't confuse my dislike for republicans with admiration of Obama. I see Obama as a placeholder until we can get an adult in office.

        My three complaints (I have more business than I can handle and I think I have been consistent with respect to Home Depot deficiencies.): 1) HD freely uses thousands of illegal aliens and lies about it. 2) HD does below average work at above average prices and when something goes wrong, they don't support their work. Also, there are many hidden charges, and, 3) Their products are awful, gleaned from the lowest bidder, and, as such, the products are terrible. Even Home Depot installers don't use the products from these stores.

        I agree, there is no magic in Home Depot's business model. They have simply perfected the art of skirting laws and selling the cheapest products that uneducated consumers will buy, so we are in violent agreement, or so I think.

    • I've dealt with installers all my life. Most are liars, drunks, druggies, or thieves. I see no reason not to think this board is littered with a few of that type. You may even fit those categories.

      Home Depot has a policy of petitioning the courts for restraining order if a carpet installer/or anyone else was caught shoplifting in their stores. Hmmmmm, might be a reason why a certain fellow would have to dive 300 miles to get tools. All the locals know he's a thief and don't want him on their property. Also might be a reason why a certain person continually post his hateful thoughts against a $70 billion/year corporation. I mean he's making 100,000 a year........who the f does he think he is?...............HD donates that much to good causes every couple of days

      Just Saying!

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