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  • stok1mom stok1mom Mar 30, 2014 3:12 PM Flag

    What is wrong with Home Depot?

    I used to love Home Depot. Especially same as cash so I could buy without interest and spread out my payments. However, I went into Home Depot to purchase new flooring. The lady who helped me was terrific. However, when the flooring was finally delivered to my house, after being outside of the warehouse for 2 weeks, it was delivered soaked. I canceled the order and have decided to just refinish my wood floors. They lost a $6,000 sale. I think I'm done for awhile with Home Depot.

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    • How many times are you going to post this stok1mom? You deserve to be short this pos

    • conspiracy?

      BEST BUY is a huge JOKE
      happened over night
      notice they all look the same like they hired all relatives?
      I see the same PATTERN in every big box store

      the new bumper stickers will say

      time to go back to the mom and pops so we can trust the people.
      do you want a combatant going through your computer or worse a geek squad in your house that is connected to corrupt organizations or terrorists. No one is screening thee people of they would of found the fake ID's

      wait till you learn what in the Indian made pharmacuticals !!!
      Anti Freeze?

      its sweet is now in many foods
      It is not listed as an ingredient.
      you have to look it up on a daily-meds site that shows the inactive ingredients.

      How can a toxic substance be inactive?

      the FDA says it is safe and the other government agency says it is a toxic poison
      conspiracy to kill everyone slowly

      who is watching the fort?

    • like this baby to get closer to $75 so I can buy some.

    • HD has not completed the necessary cultural change that it needs ...
      companies have an almost well defined growth / maturity pattern .. HD had a period of hyper growth .. everything
      is sort of cumbaya .. As the company matured , it was at the threshold of choking itself .. it is almost
      impossible for company to recognize such a position , but the BOD should ... Hence , the founders bowed
      out and Nardelli came on board ..
      Nardelli shook things up and played the bad guy , but he did the right things ... of course , his style could
      sunk the company in another way , so out he goes and in come gentle Frank ...
      as any exec .. growing a company is tough , promoting to exec ranks is tough , but neither is as tough as
      staying on top ...
      there are still too many , local , good ol' boy mininetworks at play , but that should be changing ...

    • blueyedcatch Mar 31, 2014 1:22 PM Flag

      I'm up over 200% on Home Depot. Seems to me there's nothing wrong with HD.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • You were just looking for an excuse to cancel your order. #$%$ happens sometimes and
      ,most employees go out of their way to resolve problems and make the customer happy.
      This could have happened to any company at any time.
      Move along,nothing to see here.

      • 1 Reply to spon57
      • First of all, #$%$ does not happen, and I wasn't looking for an excuse. Wet flooring is not acceptable in any event. When I called on my order, the saleslady looked for it and found it. She told me it had been delivered to HD 10 days earlier. Then it sat in the warehouse outside until it rained and got soaked. At this point, I had no choice but to not accept that flooring. Have you ever seen engineered hardwood flooring soaked. Not very appetizing.

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