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  • edgarhansen1982 edgarhansen1982 Nov 7, 2012 10:53 AM Flag

    Cmon MrEnrico , I called it again

    Yesterday i called low 6's. you could have done a nice tax loss sale at 8 when you had the chance, cuz the company dropped the ball (again). Your 10000 shares would have bought you now 13500 shares.

    Good luck to all who are putting their nest egg into this. Its a cash bleeding machine. Your only hope is insiders buying million dollar lots at this level

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    • For a tax loss my cost avg would have to be above $8, so no dice there.

      You realize when you make dozens of predictions some will be right, you know the saying a broken clock is right twice a day. You predicted $10.41 originally, that didn't happen. Then a $4.78 bottom, that hasn't happened. You also told us to buy DECK. Tom Brady can't even save you there.

      Look at their tower assets and the recent demand out there.

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      • Yes, the positive side is the G3 has attracted lot of new customers in Argantina, Chill, and I believe once the G3 was fully operated in Brazil and Mexico, it will also do the same. Unfortunatelly, when they buillt the G3 in Mexico early this year, the Peso depreciated a lot, which increased the cost, well, if you want to make the money and grow the market, you need to have the intrastructure ready, to spend monney to make more. Besides that, I did not see anything wrong with their business model, or plan.

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