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  • cccbondguy cccbondguy Dec 17, 2013 2:20 PM Flag


    Frankly, I have a real hard time believing that, under any circumstances

    Yahoo says 1.9B, but who knows where that came from, or how old that is

    Did the 2.8B come directly out of the Q?????

    For folks that toss that number around, how about reminding us exactly where that number is documented--thanking you in advance

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    • blue sky--I answered your questions, and you can find it buried at the very bottom of this topic--but it never showed up in "latest posting"

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    • ted184--Thanks much for that excellent explanation/reminder!!!!!!!!!

      OK--I'm a believer at the 2.8B, [minus whatever ongoing cash burn they got going since then]

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      • No problem. Cash burn will be high in Q4 as they spend more on marketing than originally anticipated, a la project accelerate. I still don't see the bear case where they do not have the liquidity to make it through 2016, including paying those notes. I'm more than willing to keep throwing money at this knowing that they have a bare minimum of those 3 years of solvency to either turn this thing around or get taken over.

        Had an order in all day for 1.95. Bumped it up at the end of the day to 2.02 and it went through at the bell. I'll likely add more the next couple of days.

    • The 1.9B was as of the end of Q3 and did not include the $800+ million from the closing of the tower sales.

      The following is Figuereo's comment during the last CC:
      "On a pro forma basis, we have about $3 billion, slightly north of $3 billion in liquidity when we take the $2 billion in cash, a little over $800 million from the Tower proceeds, and the supplier financing of $325 million. We also have additional baskets under both of our indentures that we have, largely untapped to this point. So it really -- my concern is to get enough help, our team get enough focus on the growth, because this is really what we need to do in the first half of the next year."

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