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  • cccbondguy cccbondguy Mar 18, 2014 9:30 PM Flag


    There are several dozen law firms [ambulance chasers for sure :-)] that do nothing but look for companies that break the buck, and appear to be failing into Chapter 11. They are like Piranhas, once one of them bites, they all hit in mob action. I expect in the next week or two, there will be a couple of dozen of them.

    If anybody is familiar with "Exide" last year, they filed chapter 11 within about a month after they broke the buck, and the daily lawsuits started showing up.

    Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the lawyers think NIHD is going down, for sure

    Where is Telefonica, when we desperately need them :-)

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    • They filed BK after they were forced to shutdown large factory in CA.

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      • *TESTY*--yeah, yeah, yeah, that was their battery recycling plant in "Vernon" California--Vernon was the kiss of death for Exide, and Vernon closed because the LATimes decided to kill it, by running "lead poisoning" scare stories prominently in the paper [they are still running Vernon "lead poisoning" stories, to this very day]
        but what I said was also totally truth, the stock broke the buck, everybody could see the company was reeling, and in the weeks before the Chapter 11 filing, a couple of dozen lawsuits were filed against them. Same law firms that are now piling onto NIHD

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    • If I have to bet you look more like a short seller than a long.

      I have seen many $cumbags like you who pose as longs and then beat the stock down.
      First and foremost the lawsuits have zero effect on the company.
      Companies go down or up just purely on fundamentals.

      When I find companies with good fundamentals and with these frivolous lawsuits then I intentionally buy those stocks.

      Fundamentally though NIHD is a goner.

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      • YO "FOOL"--sorry to disappoint you, but in my case, what you see is what you get--I'm a bondholder and a major bagholder as well.
        When people on this MSB are curious as to how the NII Capital bonds are doing, they know they can always get a trading summary from "ccc"
        heck, I'd even tell "you" how the bonds did today, if you wanted to know, and you asked :-)

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