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  • franc.reason franc.reason Jun 9, 2014 11:02 AM Flag

    Two respectable brokers confirm that the price should ""Never"" have gotten this low..$4-5Billion dollar company in the Hot Telecom Sector!!

    Who ever was behind the scheme to put NIHD in play will be revealed very soon, there are "No" shares to sell for good ole buddies to cover 41 Million shorts..Market Makers cannot keep illegally trading in the 1/100th decimal place because it starting to affect reputation and credibility to be in the game..There is nothing logical to justify this Multi National and Mutli $ Billion dollar company being this low in price per share. Just think Sprint paid $ 20-30 Billion for JUST Nextel USA ONLY...Now consider that NIHD own the Exclusive WORLD WIDE Nextel Brand and Two Way Terrestrial Mobile System, with New Telecom Laws just sealed, Now what do you folks think is the true value of NIHD???? Also remeber AT & T && Verizon has USA Application for the Two way system to enhance their network, but they are limited to the USA only because NIHD owns everything outside of the USA they have the whole World Wide Enchilada!!!! Think Folks!!

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    • ******It is very important to remember that those countries where NIHD does business has said they will "NOT" allow any new players,Think Exclusive & Scarcity!....The New Telecom Laws are designed to enrich and reward those already invested in those countries...Candidates AT & T & Verizon have to pay thru buyout of existing players to gain access to those markets!..****That's what this whole charade is about they do not want to spend time stimulating votes to enter or building a new network because it takes away too much focus and time, which could put them way behind other competitors therefore it would be easier to buy a intact smaller players who infrastructure is soundly planted, that's what big monster fish like Softbank,AT&T,Verizon & Telefonica do to win the game...The old saying goes ""If you have something precious the big movers and shakers want then all hell will break lose!".....

    • Thanks for that info Franc. Very interesting.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Franc,

      NII can just use the trapped cash in Argentina to buy back shares and fock the shorts. Read(between the line) the notice again in the last line, NII has already them warning.

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      • Remember NIHD have buyers in line waiting to get Argentina.. Just google anything relating to Corporacion Americas(Backed by Eduardo Eunekian) & Nii Holdings,then you will understand...Supposedly they were in final talks to buy Argentina to combine the company into the Gov't owned Telecom Arsat!...Also Carlos Slim has flat out said he will meet or beat the highest price period!...The problem is maybe NIHD has either decided to hold Argentina because the Gov't has had a change of heart to outsiders or the orchestrator behind putting NIHD in play wants everything attached to the company even Argentina....

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