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  • dancewmelove dancewmelove Jun 20, 2014 5:01 PM Flag

    here is the truth

    if some hedge fund or LARGE COMMON STOCK HOLDER WAS TO DUMP , the real course of action is to pump the stock with lets say a few million shares of=ver a week to over a dollar and dump this much shares to the retailer, create the frenzy and have day traders eat the stock for breakfast. that is not what happen. stock traded over 27, million shares after market at a cant at or below closing price. that is no institution selling is 100% shorts covering exchanging shares at this price level. see you at $4 or better price monday morning.

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    • hahaha. u want to know The Truth ? you can't handle the truth !!

      and the truth is you have no clue

      btw, how about the possibility that the alpha males bought a lot of cheapo shares at 0.45, pumped them up to 0.6 or 0.7 then sold them ?
      for a few mil shares one can make a nice amount of cash over the course of a week..

      now that is gone, watch the stock monday flowing down under

    • If some shorts covered, someone has to sell it to them.
      Who sold? Another short hedge fund? That hedge fund may/can have some knowledge...

      This is some institution selling; losing trust in turn around and lack of any new news, IMHO.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • "shorts covering exchanging shares at this price level"

      What does the above statement even mean? You've no idea what you're talking about... The only way this makes sense is that the Institutions & shorts agreed on a price point and are executing their trades AH.

      Institutions are taking a loss for Q2 (Maybe to offset their gains in the broader market) and shorts that will have a tough time covering in a regular session are happy to pay 0.63-0.64 and lock in their profits. We will know for sure by the dissemination date on July-10th.

      One other speculation could be that news leaked out about the failure of a covenant deal and institutions are bailing while they can...Just another possibility!

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