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  • rentie13l rentie13l Feb 10, 2011 1:13 PM Flag

    EWZ IS the USA 75 years ago!

    Brazil is the future. There is no other country with the resources and human power that is within Brazil. The composition of the Brazilian people and ethnic origin is very similar to the USA. The only difference is that there is less corruption in Brazil and more opportunity for the future in Brazil than in any European/North American country. EWZ has a huge and rising dividend while you wait. The price of EWZ will be dividend driven. The whole world is actually entering a depression stage. The USA Fed is trying to fight future history by printing money. The money is just gobbled up to pay old debts and is not creating new wealth. Look to Asia and Brazil for the future. Don't let the government sponsored media discourage you because they only care for themnselves. The do not care for you. Just look at Egypt and you may be seeing the future of the USA!

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    • yes it looks like Brazil is the "fast growing region". On the Yahoo home page an article from AP retail writers Sarah Skidmore march 3. regarding Heinz making an acquistion in Brazil: "This is a major step under our emerging market strategy" quote from Heinz ceo. Further in the article says Heinz will get a factory and distribution service that could be critical to its future in the fast groing region. Says they bought 80% stake in S.A. industiras Alimenticias. I dont know if this company is one of the holdings of ewz but it shows how attractive it is to be in Brazil. So one can see Brazil is where the action is due to its economy and especially the agricuture sector and oil sectors imo. jmho.

    • I think your timeline is off. 75 years ago, the US was in a deep depression.

    • They are 100% energy efficient.
      Worlds most fresh water.
      Gold, Iron, food, etc...

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      • You might have a point in respect to oil. Brazil probably can become a major net exporter of oil in the next decade. Probably is already a net exporter of oil, but should increase with new discoveries. 75 years ago US was also a next exporter of oil. Since USA peak oil its now a net importer as is England.

      • Surprised at the size of Brazil, its 5th largest country by area, and by population, and something like 9th largest economy. The article i read said that many expect Brazil to become also the 5th largest economy up from 9th in time. So thats the direction. As far as fresh water the great lakes countries of Canada and USA have got to be the ones with the most fresh water. I had earlier compared Brazil to Canada but in terms of size its about 6 times larger than Canada.

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