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  • ntsoudis ntsoudis Jul 10, 2004 7:08 PM Flag

    Here we go!

    Sunset Learning Institute Launches Advanced Learning Portal

    RESTON, Va., July 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Sunset Learning Institute (SLI), a
    leading IT advanced infrastructure training company today announced the launch
    of an advanced Learning Portal to provide clients with instant access to SLI's
    suite of training products.
    The Learning Portal, powered by the VCampus Learning Management System,
    will help SLI deliver and manage their training programs. Using an advanced
    keyword search, Academy Members and students can search and register for SLI
    training events, including online learning courses.
    "The new portal helps us achieve several critical goals. It provides
    instant access to both our ILT offerings and a library of over 100 web-based
    courses in the curriculum areas we support and allows students and members to
    track and access a history of training with SLI. In addition, the portal
    provides a single point of access to our Value-Added Learning Materials. Our
    membership programs provide a full year of access to a set of classroom
    training and our value-added materials at one low annual price and it is
    important to provide a single point of access for these membership benefits,"
    said Aaron Glauser, EVP of Corporate Development and Communications for SLI.
    "We are excited to be leveraging our extensive e-Learning expertise to
    help SLI deliver its new Learning Portal to support the business objectives of
    their students and members," said Nat Kannan, President and CEO of VCampus
    Corporation. "Sunset has developed a unique program, offering a variety of
    learning modalities that are all supported by the VCampus LMS technology."

    Press Contact:
    Beth Watson
    Sunset Learning Institute

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    • ..."do you hold any position in any other low float..."
      I do not. I STILL believe VCMP has tremedious potential!
      Homeland Security (courses) and the internet e-learning are a lot Bigger than people are aware of.

    • Makin...

      I hope all is well, do you hold any position in any other low float that has the same potential as VCMP?


      Thanks for sharing that e-mail. Both you and Makin made a great point with your postings. Thank you both, not that many of us here give good insight... some spend too much time fighting instead of analysing.


    • Thanks cautious!

      To the board,
      Wonder how many other lurkers we have out there?

    • why this PR did not attract any attention??

      • 1 Reply to gnahri
      • gnahri,
        That was not our PR.
        Sunset Learning Inst. put that out. Vcampus could have easily piggybacked that PR simply by request because Vcampus had to approve this PR. It would have gone across breifing, triggernews, businesswire, Reuters,(ect...) and would have given us excellent visibility. Then it would have been listed among their news for when people like you and I are researching this company for investment purposes.
        Just to be honest with you Vcampus' marketing department dropped the ball BIG TIME by not PRing both that and the veteran renewal contract. It came across as an SEC 8K announcement when it should have been PRed like the first sentence in the 8K which reads: "VCampus Wins Renewal on VA Contract"
        When VCMP was in the top 10 high %age gainers for 3 days in a row. It was getting some major visibility. If we could have had both of these announcements in PR form, there's a good chance VCMP would be trading better than $3 today which would have formed a new base for when the next significant partner is announced. (JMO)

        For all of you out there that have considered me a pumper, well this proves that I am not. I share the bad with the good and in my book this isn't good. You have GOT to sell yourself to the street!

    • Excellent PR!!
      Only one problem. VCMP dropped the ball by not getting it in THEIR PR/NEWS list also.

      Visibility Baby.....That's what keeps our share price stable and heading in the right direction.........VISIBILITY!!

      • 1 Reply to makin_mon_e
      • About Sunset Learning Institute
        Sunset Learning Institute (SLI) is a global training company providing
        results-oriented learning solutions for leading edge IT professionals and
        their organizations. A top-tier authorized Cisco(R) Learning Solutions
        Provider, SLI focuses on IT advanced infrastructure training in the areas of
        Networking, Security and IP Telephony & Voice. SLI heads a consortium of
        training partners (SLI Consortium) that expands geographic and technical
        offerings. SLI and the SLI Consortium of training partners offer training
        delivered in over 35 locations across the US and abroad. SLI utilizes a
        Classroom Centric Blended approach that is based on high-quality classroom
        delivery augmented with a suite of Value-Added Learning Materials, resulting
        in a complete blended offering. For more information call 800-569-1894 or
        888-888-5251 or visit

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