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  • braindeadlong braindeadlong Sep 22, 2004 5:23 AM Flag

    Gentlemen....Smarten up!!!

    God,I read the pumping on this board and it is downright funny. I know some are trying to aid a pump so they can get their asses out of here, but others seem to be buying into this BS.

    VCampus is a down and near out service company that needs to double its present revenues just to break even. Do you know how hard it is for any service company to double their market share in a highly competitive market?....Dam near impossible!

    Yes they are a service company. There is no backroom design that will be patented and sweep the market. There is no mining sample that will come up laced with gold....they provide a basic service just like all their peers.

    This is always the big drawback of investing in any service company. Investors know there is nothing tangible, lasting or proprietary so they depend purely on market share and profit.VCampus is not even close to having either.

    So revenues will go up a little then down a little. The whole while they will be drinking from the shareholders well just to survive, and the market knows this.

    To the smarter ones....You will get a pump sooner or later, but as in the past it will be fleeting. Be smart this time. VCampus is not a rocket ship to the moon for the very simple,basic and undeniable reasons that I have stated.Just remember the old saying......

    Fool me once, shame on you....Fool me twice, shame on me.I will leave you with a few old classic posts from a few of your "Lifetime" members...Words sound familiar?...LOL

    Have a nice day.

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