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  • braindeadlong braindeadlong Feb 3, 2005 6:00 AM Flag

    Meg, I have a question

    >>VCampus issued to a group of investors a substantial number of warrants and convertible debt that were exercisable or convertible into common stock at $1.63 per share. In November and December 2004, a number of these investors elected to exercise and convert<<

    What is the matter with these insiders?...Don't they know that VCMP is a rocket ready to take off?....Don't they know about the millions and millions the contracts are worth?...Don't they know about the 3.5 million short squeeze that is going to send this over $10 any day now? Boy, even though VCMP did not bother to have a press release about Bearingpoint explaining what its rough value was, and the outsiders broke it down and said it was not worth a hill of beans, we knew it was worth big bucks (We can feel it)so when this stock ran up for a short period we bought even more because we knew it was cheap, and what did those fool insiders do?...They dumped into it!!!!...Ya, I know it went back down again, but that is just the MM's trying to steal our shares cheap....They are not fooling us, eh guys?

    Boy, these people "in the know" don't know anything...They should start reading this message board more often.

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