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  • bulletjoebush bulletjoebush May 6, 2005 2:50 PM Flag

    Obvious Nominee

    Nominees are pouring in for my next awards ceremony. For the "Deer in headlights" category there is already an early favorite. It's post #11327. Could be back to back victories for GUMP!

    HA HA ha HA HA HA HA ha HA HA HA ha HA HA HA ha HA HA HA HA HA ha HA HA HA ha

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    • did you participate or listen to the CC ?
      what was your impression of the slow speaking
      financial dolts that asked the first 6 questions ?

      did no one question make you smile or did any one answer make you cringe ?

      you haven't spoken about the vcmp facts
      just attacking your "other" friend here.

      • 2 Replies to dr_amos_johnson_phd
      • "vcmp facts"

        Well I know that was asked of Joe, but I ask you, what facts are in question?

        I have posted many times with cold hard facts, logical extrapolation and yes, just good old fashion common sense. Some have chosen to engage me (Joe , Power Toad and a few others), and I was always happy to share my reasoning for those conclusions.

        Amos, the scale is tipped so hard to the obvious that in order to save time, can anyone come up with any reason to believe in this company? Not pipe dreams because one is stuck and can not come to grips with the loss the will soon have to deal with, but I mean facts!

        Amos, there are none. They have told every lie, raped the shareholders for 11 years, have no hope of breaking even and are now going to the well for an additional 10M shares to keep them in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed.

        Could you with a clear conscience recommend this stock to anyone that you cared about?

        If you ever want to debate a point about the company then feel free to pose a question or challenge anything that I have ever stated. I think you will find that I am very open and civil with those that have a mind, conscience and basic social skills.

        For disclosure sake I will tell you that I am presently short and will not even entertain the notion of covering before 50 cents.

      • Respectfully Doc , this is where you are wrong. Look at post 11235. I basically gave you guys the Revenue number 1 MONTH AGO. I also told you they would lose AT LEAST 1 MILLION dollars for the Q and explained why. They wound up losing 1.9 million. This is where you and other longs fail to see logic and reasoning. You are clinging to 6 - 9 dollar share prices by year end with no facts to back that up. Meanwhile , I give you a hypothesis 1 MONTH IN ADVANCE of their report that turns out to be VERY CLOSE to what happens and instead of thanking me you guys blast me (and pray I'll go away). It is not rocket science. Nor is it "inside information". What gives?.....bulletjoe