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  • erik_teaman erik_teaman Oct 12, 2005 4:03 PM Flag

    How did that Jets guy know...

    about IPWG. it's up another 30% today. if he has the balls to publicly pick a stock that's gone from $0.03 to $1.50 in 4 months, he's got my vote. i wonder if he covered his short position on vcmp today. i didn't see much volume.

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    • "Marci,
      No they don't.
      it's certainly not my job to advise anyone about anything, but the only way this gets to a dollar is via a pump and dump. the fundamentals won't get you there."

      Way to go Erik. It is nice to finally see a Long with some backbone and a mind posting on this board.

      This "Marci" character only tells you to 'buy'....never a reason why...Just that "She" knows it will go UP UP UP!!!...Christ sakes, if you all had a dime for all the lame ass pumpers that have said that on this board over the years, all the way from $150.00 to that tells you something doesn't it?

      The company has never made a penny in 10 years.They have screwed their shareholders out of $100M. They reversed split 10 to 1 once already and just started reselling the shares. They are on the verge of a delisting notice for a share price violation. They are on the verge of a delisting notice for an equity violation. The conversion from Legacy to Select Partners was a lame farce that changed nothing.They only make 1/3 to 1/4 of the revenue nessesary just to break even and there has not been any increase in rev's for years. It is alway somewhere between $900K to $1.5M.They need (By my rough calculations) $4M per quarter just to break even.Is that a BUY?

      Am I bashing or just speaking the truth?....Well Motley Fool has an article in which VCampus had a brief mention....Is Motley Fool a cheap basher or are some of you just missing the obvious?

      The quote from their article. "Still, Blackboard is the class act in its space. eCollege is growing slowly, and VCampus' (Nasdaq: VCMP) money-losing ways have sent its shares plummeting into penny-stock territory."


    • Marci,

      No they don't.

      it's certainly not my job to advise anyone about anything, but the only way this gets to a dollar is via a pump and dump. the fundamentals won't get you there.

    • Erik

      Your right I was seeing acquistions shares not purchased. My broker dealer doesn't show it as clearly as Yahoo.

      Do they even have an employee stock purchase program?

      Skills2invest / Marci

    • Marci,

      I don't know where you are getting your information from, but the only purchases in the last year are these two: A TOTAL OF 6,450 SHARES........NOTHING! You may be looking at some statistics for shares given to management, but certainly not purchased.

      05/17/05 NELSON CHRISTOPHER L Purchased 1,450 $0.95 1,370.25

      05/13/05 KANNAN NARASIMHAN P Purchased 5,000 $0.94 4,700.00

    • Hi Erik

      the insiders have not purchased since sept, but will as VCMP gets closer to the earnings rept.

      Thats another reason I would like to see a nice run up in stock price now, before they start again!

      Target price 1.01
      Skills2invest / Marci

    • hi marci, it's just that vcmp has disappointed me for so long. the company really has a horrible history of promising specific milestones and not even coming close in delivering on any promise. they sold me on their vision, but i really feel duped. if the insiders really believed this company could have financial sucess, they would be buying like crazy. since they've never invested a penny, they know they can't meet expectations. it's a great idea, but they are not able to carry out their plans. it's just sad. when you have time, read all their releases over the last few years and you too will see a trend of empty promises.

    • Erik
      I looked at the chart of IPWG (Pink Sheet Stock) and per his previous message when he bought it was trading in a range of .08 & .10
      not .03

      more board mombo jumbo like I talked about in my last message.

      Now to his credit he did talk about the issue when it was at .50 and it did double from that price.

      In hopefully his last message he clearly stated he will cover his position tomarrow.
      I don't know where the confusion is????

      VCMP target price 1.01

      Skills2invest / Marci

      • 1 Reply to skills2invest
      • Hi Skills,

        the confusion is very simple. look at today's volume. i've seen his options trades and naked short sales and i believe his covering would have helped the price plus i don't think he could have sold all his shares with the low volume. i wish i never bought vcmp. down down down and it ain't because the market's down. i've some posts on insider buying, but there hasn't been any at all...period! Insiders have been given shares; none have been purchased. i will never sell because i'm so far in the hole, but i back jets up because his picks have made me more money than any job i could find.

        Jets posted his .03 buy when the stock was at .03. i remember it vividly because I checked it out the day he mentioned it and sure enough, it was at .03.

        you can bad mouth him all you want, but i'll continue to idolize him until he makes one mistake, which hasn't happened in the 2+ years i've followed him.

        if i had any real money left in vcmp, i would take his advice and sell. I won't do that because i've already lost most of my investment in this stock. this was the one stock i really thought would turn-around and Jets would be wrong. I hoped for too much. I really should have listened to him.

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