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  • strongus2005 strongus2005 Nov 11, 2005 1:21 PM Flag

    This stock can double with good earning

    Earnings news will propel this upward big time. This is very undervalued. Having said that, I would have liked if some one sold me more shares at 41 cents this morning. My order is still out there for the rest of the fill.

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    • If you love this stock so much and think it's going to a few dollars, what's the difference between buying at .41 or .44. You say you would have liked to buy more at .41. Why not just buy at .44 if you think it's going to the moon? You just don't make any sense. If you are down 85%, why are you still posting. You have ZERO credibility.

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      • Strongus is so desperate, the stock went up a penny and he is excited, well it is back to .44 why don't you buy some more? I can't beleive that you get excited over a stock that is down from $10.00 in april to .44c. This is really sad.

        Vcmp did a number on you and you still pump their shitty stock. Even insiders who know what the earnings report is going to be didn't buy and don't give me the BS that they can't buy before earinings. They can always tip friends and family to buy at this ridiculous price.

        You wanna know the answer. There is no good news on earnings and they know that. But if it makes you happy to think that this is going up, then more power to you.

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