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  • strongus2005 strongus2005 Nov 14, 2005 8:13 AM Flag

    More select partners coming??!!

    Short's worst nightmare coming true?!!

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    • Hey strongus:

      Remeber when you were happy to buy at .41? Well hold on because it is going to .32 in a few minutes. Did you check the bid and ask lately. There is someone that is asking for .32c and it will go there in the next few minutes. Ha Ha, I thought the shorts were going to fry. other way around buddy, you are in for a big big SURPRISE. Comprende? Mr vcmp beleiver. It doesn't look good at all.

      Vcmp going down 30% today and another 70% tomorrow. Gee, that means it will trade at .0000000000000000000001c

    • What the hell are you talking about. No one wants to buy at .47 what does that tell you.

      Vcmp should offer you a job so that you can join the bandits in lying and deceiving. Seems like you belong to the same gang. Bunch of liers and clowns. I told you not to bring your hopes up. This thing is going down from here. listen people, there are no partners, no good earnings no nothing. Don't let strongus manipulate you. he just wants to get out so bad and he's becoming very desperate.

      Desperate people do desperate things, remember that.

      Vcmp is way over valued at this price and should go down where it belongs right after earnings today. Get ready, Get Set SELL

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