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  • the_warriorpoet the_warriorpoet Nov 14, 2005 9:44 PM Flag


    just tuned in while checking the earnings calendar...looks good here, lotsa A/H action, and just LOOK at the bashers(shorters) screaming bloody murder! always makes a stock quite a bit more interesting to follow when the shorts start crying and trying to shout everyone down...dang, i sure do love a good short squeeze, think i will make a few buys tomorrow, support the bid and help run it up and who knows? might even make some coin! heck i think i'll get the boys in my stock group to join me, they love a good squeeze as much as i do! nice low outstanding shares at 9.5 mil too and only a little more than half a buck? hehehe, this will be fun, see ya in the a.m. shorties.

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