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  • braindeadlong braindeadlong Nov 15, 2005 6:28 AM Flag

    Play smart

    For a change.

    You know what I have said and if you have learned anything then you know it will play out.

    This quarter was engineered, in my professional opinion. No increase in rev's from online tuition which tells you all those new customers and library of courses did not amount to a hill of beans, as always. Decreased expenses?...Ya, how about deferred to the next quarter? Very easily done and quite legal.Other revs?...Can anyone quantify that one-shot?...No?...Think about it.

    You know what they are up to, which means they will be going for #1. You have to look out for yourself. You recently gave them a pocket full of freshly printed shares , so if you buy, smell for fresh ink, ok?...LOL.

    As the wise man once said...(Not really).."If you are going to play with a hungry dog, make sure you do not have a pork chop stuffed down your pants".

    Oh yes, for the mathematically challenged, my 50c target was met and covered over the last 2 weeks. What am I going to do today? Well the bigger boys are not touching this, but lets see if the little Lemming clubs will run in or not. I will decide a little later this morning if it is worth a quick flip or not...But watch out for the hungry dog and remember what should be coming after todays close.

    Play smart for a change...ok?

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    • Quick flop?? So you are waiting to buy this today to make money..You bashers always proved me correct. I always knew you bashers are some sadass losers who are craving get in at a lower price. Guess what ? Today you won't be able to do that. Watch for the MOMO take over..Go VCMP..Go get them..

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