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  • strongus2005 strongus2005 Nov 16, 2005 8:02 AM Flag

    Why basher pigs are upset about VCMP?

    It is very clear that they all lost big time on this stock. They are bashing now coz they lost
    their sorry ass because they sold out at a huge loss. I doubled down at low 40s and sitting pretty. I see this stock going up soon.

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    • If you listen to the CEO, you are a moron. He's been telling investors they would be at break-even in 2002. Still not close.

    • You are right. The company has to perform. They have the VA Administration and the CFA program coming online accrording to the conference call. The issue is whether then can cut another 50g a month in expenses and have revenues grow at the same pace. IF they do that, they will be cash flow positive within 3 quarters.

    • Cash burn is 250k per month or $750 quarter. That means the current cash will be burned up in two quarters without an infusion of cash or significantly increased sales. The financial analyst program may add to sales but even with a 15% quarter over quarter sales growth this company will not be profitable for at least a year. To raise the the $1.8M dollars the company will most like issue more shares of stock, diluting the current shareholders. What else does the company have to offer?

    • Who said we are upset. We are laughing at you. i thought sellers dried up. I don't think so, everyone is running for the border, they know what vcmp has to offer for the future (nothing) so get out at .48c while you can, because it won't see that number for a very long time.

      When I predicted .07c I was right, maybe not today, but surely soon, Come tax time, losers want to write off this POS, so there will be alot of selling

    • Strongus posted it again....he is making money with VCMP. OH MY GOD!!!

      I'm sure everyone who bought based on his pumping would like to know how since they are all in the red.

      Can you please provide your purchases so we can see just exactly how you are ahead here when the PPS has fallen almost every day for the past several months and you have many buys in the dollar range? Please help us understand how great of a trader you are.

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