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  • chart_wiz_101 chart_wiz_101 Nov 29, 2005 12:40 PM Flag

    somebody's still dumping...

    It appeared untill late yesterday that most of the sellers had dried up but the 70k block @ $0.49 at yesterdays close proved me wrong...

    I'm anxious to see the specifics of the new financing because logically it will cause some dilution...

    I wouldnt be suprised if the MM's take it back down to $0.40 again to test support this week...I thought I had made a mistake by not picking some up at $0.47 yesterday, but after seeing the big block trade at the close I think someone has more dumping in mind...all jmo

    happy trading

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    • I think you're reading the report wrong....this section of the report seems pretty straight forward:

      Item 5. Interest in Securities of the Issuer

      SEP IRA F/B/O Norman H. Pessin owns 253,300 shares of common stock of the
      issuer, constituting 2.68% of the outstanding shares thereof. Sandra F. Pessin
      owns 12,202 shares and a warrant to acquire 250,000 shares which aggregate 2.67%
      of the shares thereof.

      The total they owned together was 483,300...Sandra dumped most of hers but still has a warrant for 250k shares @ $1.63/share....

    • Chart wiz,

      I assure you there is no dumping going on. Any dumping occurred well over a buck. What you are seeing is shorts (or "basher pigs" as Strongus likes to refer to them) continuing to drive the price down. If you go back thru the posts for the past few years, you will see we've successfully shorted the hell out of vcmp. There has never been any inside information or anything like that. We just knew what management was up to. When a company promises to be at break even many years ago misses guidance quarter after quarter for years, there is something strange going on. If only one insider made any kind of investment here (other than shares "given" to them), maybe managment would start believing in this company. Until then, I'm just waiting for news of the next reverse split to make cash in some more from Strongus and others.

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      • "I assure you there is no dumping going on. Any dumping occurred well over a buck."

        Actually Sandra F. Pessin sold 217,800 shares between 10/10/05 and 11/07/05 at prices ranging from $0.6686 to $0.48 (she's the one that dumped the 151k block @ $0.48 right before the price dipped to $0.41)

        She had just purchased the shares (230k) in March and June of 2005 for an average price of $1.55/share so she obviously took a huge loss in selling...go figure

        As for shorts it looks to me like for the past year short interest on VCMP has remained virtually unchanged at around 120k shares short...

        I personally won't hesitate to buy back in at the $0.37-$0.43 level...and if the 70k block that traded last night @ $0.49 was actually a 'buy to cover' this sucker could be ready to really all hinges upon the current financing....if the financing involves Kaufman Bros. I'll lower my bid price to about $0.05...jmo

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