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  • BigPeteyMoneyMaker BigPeteyMoneyMaker Jan 21, 1999 12:14 PM Flag

    Waiting Game

    hang in there. This stock has the potential to really make you some money.

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    • I feel sorry for you. This company has no hope. I
      may not know everything, but I do have a BA in
      Computer Science/Mathematics from one of the oldest
      schools in the USA. The stock is around $3.30. Looks like
      it dropped under $4. I would sell as soon as you can
      break even. This stock has gone as high as the
      twenties, but it always seems to end up under $6.

    • Big Petey, talked to my contact today ask him if
      this was
      the big news that everyone was talking
      about. He said no,
      more news to come shortly. He said
      the company told him that
      they needed to make this
      announcement public before they
      could make the next set of
      announcements.For now I'm going to
      hold and see what happens.

    • UOLP was in this price range if fell straight
      down to around $2.00. I sure hope that history doesn't
      repeat itself in this case. A couple years ago I went
      out on a limb (like UOLP) and bought shares of
      another educational stock (AMEP) that was trading around
      $3. I sold it about six months later at $10.
      Education is a big issue with the government and Mario
      Gabelli has been preaching Education Education Education
      Stocks Stocks Stocks for a couple years now. UOLP falls
      into that category with an added bonus - the internet.
      This management team better grow up and start taking
      care of business.

    • Two years ago UOL showed real promise as its
      stock headed into the mid-20's. Unfortunately it began
      purchasing firms whose products had little to do with the
      core area. One division had a solid customer base but
      was not ready for the web, the other has proved to be
      its downfall pulling the parent company into the red
      with its high debt structure. As previously stated on
      this site, the concept of online training is bright,
      but UOL's system includes little if any sizzle, there
      are others who have developed proprietary systems
      that push the technology envelop. This corporation has
      also been riddled by poor management decisions,
      constant infighting, and the lack of a cohesive marketing
      strategy. By thats just one woman's opinion.

    • I understand. But am curious how much
      'info' one can garner from message boards, other than
      general stock-holder sentiment and rumour. Some boards
      are excellent, some drivel; this one doesn't have
      many followers, and few with any real insight into (or
      support for) the company. But I ask you-what is it about
      UOL that got a number of analysts whipped up into
      such a frenzy? What happened back in November, when
      the stock climbed above 9? Any chance at a turn
      around for this beleagured company? I do respect your
      comments, but also have a hard time discounting the really
      bright analyst who led me into this stock.....have to
      say, though, general sentiment seems to side with your
      analysis of the company. Still, in light of my current
      (massive) loss, I cling to a thread of hope....your
      thoughts are most appreciated...

    • It's not disdain, but a reality check on the
      issues that face the firm. As a writer/editor on this
      market segment, I often peruse related posts as a source
      of info. When encountering observations that are
      clearly contrary to fact, the comments flow...unbiased
      and informed.

    • Am curious, with all your disdain for UOL
      (granted, certainly not unfounded), you maintain enough
      interest in the company to post frequently on it's message
      board. If you so loathe the company, why don't you move
      on to something you can feel better about? This is
      not meant to be a slam, I just can't understand why
      you would maintain an interest in something you
      obviously feel is so worthless.

    • UOL is taking a bath on the sale of HTR (a
      company they should not have bought in the first place).
      Add the $.14 charge on top of the operating

      And don't get too excited about the "potential base
      of over 500,000 students." Potential does not add to
      revenue or cash flow.

      Finally, how much do you
      think UOL had to pay for that $1.1 million? Several
      times they've had to go to the well, and I'll bet each
      time it gets more and more expensive. Obviously
      operating cash flow is a pittance.

      So, are you still
      excited about the news?

    • I put an order in at the bid - 3 3/4, and filled. Dangerous?

    • they sold a division and
      January Course
      Enrollments Surge at UOL Publishing, Inc.
      $1.1 Million in
      Private Placement Completed
      McLEAN, Va., Feb. 16
      /PRNewswire/ -- UOL Publishing, Inc. (Nasdaq: UOLP - news), an
      online host of virtual campuses for distance training
      and education programs on behalf of corporate and
      academic institutions, today reported a surge in monthly
      course enrollments during January, jumping from a 1998
      fourth quarter average of 10,000 per month to

      Nat Kannan, CEO of UOL Publishing, explained the
      current surge was largely due to customer commitments
      that were renewed in January at substantially higher
      levels. ``We expected commitments to be renewed, but we
      were very pleased to see how rapidly existing
      customers are expanding their usage,'' said Mr. Kannan.
      ``UOL's existing academic and corporate customers
      represent a potential base of over 500,000 students. One of
      our primary objectives for 1999 will be to increase
      our penetration with these clients.'' Kannan added
      that UOL's average revenue was approximately $18 per
      course in 1998, and is expected to grow in

      Mr. Kannan noted that the increase in course usage
      came from our top ten customers. ``I can't think of a
      better testimony for client satisfaction,'' said Mr.

      Separately, Mr. Kannan announced that UOL raised
      approximately $1.1 million during the month of January through
      a private placement managed by Spencer Trask
      Securities. According to Mr. Kannan, the majority of
      investments came from current UOL investors. The proceeds
      were used for both retirement of bank debt and for
      working capital.

      Commenting on the effectiveness
      of UOL's pure Internet strategy, Kannan said he
      expects to report online revenue growth of approximately
      20% from the third to fourth quarter of 1998, due
      largely to the migration of CBT product customers to
      on-line delivery.

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