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  • BigPeteyMoneyMaker BigPeteyMoneyMaker May 18, 1999 11:10 PM Flag

    Looks like we have some believers

    out there. This has the potential of being a BIG BIG BIG BIG winner. Don't sell for such a small gain.

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    • What a fun day for UOLP... thought the bottom was
      going to drop out, but it just took the same dip as the
      entire NASDAQ did... but we're headed back up to where
      we belong. Let UOLP do it's work, and we're in for a

    • Hope it holds there in this market...9970 here we come...

    • Look at the client base that has been
      established! When companies realize that distance education
      via the web is the way to get in front of their
      internal clients quickly and cost
      out.....I'm in low!!!

    • UOLP is definitely headed up. This entire industry has yet to breakthrough to mainstream awareness, and when it does, guess who is poised for internet valuations? :)

    • This stock is looking better and better. UOLP
      appears to be getting closer to shedding the last of its
      legacy (non-internet) businesses. After this, you can
      apply full Internet revenue multiples and will find
      that UOLP is way undervalued given their client base
      and growing online revenue rates (over 200%
      annualized). A $15 to $20mm market cap is way too low for a
      company with this potential. They have nice corporate and
      higher education clients and I believe there are a few
      nice ones that have yet to be announced. The bad
      management is gone and some new members are beginning to
      make a difference. They have more content than all of
      their competition put together (look at a recent
      article in training magazine where there is a competitive
      matrix). UOL blows the competition away. This large
      content library will eventually add immense value and
      acts as a hedge against technology risk should UOL's
      technology fall behind. They can always run the content on
      other technology if they need to. The competition
      appears to be more hype than substance. UOLP's pricing is
      on track now too. It was costly to get UOLP in this
      position but its time to reap the rewards of their
      investment. This stock is headed up.

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    • UOL Publishing, Inc. Secures $3 Million Equity
      Line Of Credit With Hambrecht & Quist

      Va., May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- UOL Publishing, Inc.
      (Nasdaq: UOLP) announced today that the Company has
      entered into an agreement with Hambrecht & Quist Guaranty
      Finance, LLC ("H&Q") for an equity line of credit that
      allows UOL to receive between $1,500,000 and $3,000,000
      over the next six months, depending on the Company's
      trading volume and stock price. Under the terms of the
      agreement, once a registration statement has been declared
      effective by the SEC, the Company has the right at its sole
      discretion to sell shares of Series E Convertible Preferred
      Stock (the "Put Shares") to H&Q at a price equal to 85%
      of the then current average market price of the
      Company's common stock. Each Put by the Company is limited
      to $500,000, and may be placed every 15 trading days
      through December 31, 1999. In addition, the number of Put
      Shares owned by H&Q at any one time may not exceed 9.9%
      of all shares of the Company's common stock that
      would be outstanding upon completion of the Put. There
      are currently 4,728,909 shares outstanding.
      Shareholder approval is also required, which the Company will
      request at its annual shareholder meeting, which is
      currently expected to take place in June 1999.

      Series E shares will be entitled to receive an annual 6%
      dividend payable monthly in Series E stock at 85% of the
      closing price of the common stock on the date of the
      dividend. The Put Shares may be converted at any time into
      common stock on a one-to-one basis.

      In connection
      with this agreement, the Company issued H&Q a warrant
      to purchase 100,000 shares of the Company's Series E
      Convertible Preferred Stock at a price of $3.6675 per share.
      The exercise price was determined by taking 120% of
      the average closing price of the common stock over
      the five trading days prior to the date of the

      Commenting on the agreement Nat Kannan, UOL Chairman and
      Chief Executive Officer said, "Hambrecht & Quist is a
      leading name in technology banking and we are pleased to
      receive their support in the form of this equity line. We
      expect this to be the beginning of a long and productive
      relationship with H&Q. When combined with our other
      initiatives, such as the sale of our legacy businesses, this
      equity line goes a long way in helping UOL finance its
      near term plans and grow the Company's online revenues
      toward profitability."

      Andrew Kahn, President and
      Chief Operating Officer of Hambrecht & Quist Guaranty
      Finance LLC stated, "Our business is financing emerging
      growth companies and we are pleased to make this
      facility available to UOL. We are impressed with UOL's
      position as a leader in Internet-based distance training
      and look forward to helping finance its growth

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