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  • DJUSTIN555 DJUSTIN555 Jun 8, 1999 3:31 PM Flag


    johnson and johnson
    cable and wireless

    and several others

    this company is going to dominate the market

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    • Seems like there is a little battle between the
      bandits and the MM's going on. MM's know bandits want to
      hedge their position. No buying to speak of, so when
      bandits try to sell any size, MM's drop the price way
      down. When bandits' order is filled, MM's raise the
      price back up to see if they can sell any shares at
      higher prices. When the sell orders come back in, they
      drop the price again.

      Each time this game is
      played, the price goes a bit lower.

    • Covertible debentures and convertible preferred
      shares are used all of the time by companies who are in
      good financial situations.

      The difference
      between the normal convertible securities and the toxic
      varieties is that the conversion price is FIXED for the
      normal varieties. You know exactly how many shares the
      holder of the convertible securities will get when they
      convert. There is no incentive for the holder to drive the
      price down. In fact, normally the conversion price of
      such securities is at a PREMIUM to the market price
      when they are sold. The holder gets the interest on
      the convertible securities, and if the price goes up
      enough, they convert those securities to common

      UOLP's convertible debenture has a VARIABLE conversion
      feature with a CEILING ($5.50) at a DISCOUNT to the
      market. It has no FLOOR. Once the price of the common
      stock is lower than the CEILING the debenture holders
      get more shares when they convert.

      posted the comments about convertible debentures has no
      business owning risky small cap. stocks. They knoweth not
      what they are doing.

    • Wrong at the same time. The companies you cite as
      examples did do convertible debentures. There's absolutely
      nothing wrong with issuing a note or preferred stock that
      is "convertible" into common shares.

      thats where the similarity stops...cold....

      did what is commonly referred to as a "FLOORLESS"
      convertible debenture. THERE"S A BIG DIFFERENCE.

      the stock goes down, and due to the terms of the will...the debenture gets converted into a discount. The lower the stock goes, the more
      shares get converted...the more get sold...the lower the
      price goes...the more shares get converted. It's a
      cycle that once it starts...blossoms into massive
      dilution to the existing stockholders. The amount of "new"
      shares issued simply snowballs.
      The more get issued,
      the more get sold which keeps depressing the

      The examples you cite had provisions in their
      debentures with set
      conversion limits. The difference is
      monumental. I suggest you learn the difference.

    • I don't work for the company, and I'm not their
      press agent, but the fear running on this board is
      severe. UOLP has created a strong base to truly become a
      highly successful company. Management has demonstrated
      their ability to develop a great product, improve it,
      market it successfully, hold onto clients, sell
      non-performing divisions, and have a capital base to continue
      working with.

      1) Hambrecht & Quist are backing
      UOLP with a $3,000,000 line of credit. (Sounds like a
      vote of confidence with management to me)

      Tellabs, Lucent Technologies, Fidelity Investments, Qwest
      Communications, The University of Texas all have given enough
      confidence in UOLP to give them major contracts and
      financial resources to develop their future online

      3) The United States Government is only beginning to
      tap into it's online training potential. Who did they
      chose to give a major contract to?-- UOLP.

      Online revenue growth from courses is tremendous. Online
      revenues more than tripled over 1Q '98, and 4Q '98 quarter
      to 1Q '99 , revenues jumped 59%.

      5) UOLP
      continues to leap into new avenues to expand its
      educational online strategy. In the last two months, it has
      announced expansion into construction, food resources,
      hotel management, education, and continues to expand
      its domination of the huge telecommunications

      6) UOLP's sale this week of its HTR Knowledgeworks
      unit gives it additional cash, as well as the
      opportunity to be focused mainly on its internet strategy.
      This will give it greater momentum and exposure as the
      leading internet educational company.

      7) UOLP has
      shown it is aggressive. Look at the press releases the
      last 2 months. It is moving--- upwardly!!!

    • Time Warner

    • Here is the address of a site
      that I've been following the last three weeks.
      Ithought some of you might want to check it out.

    • Just bailed out of this puppy because of the
      latest financing. However, the training business is
      where to be. Have just moved my money into ITCC (ITC
      Learning). They have every piece of the training business in
      place, they are about to explode. Don't buy because of
      me, go do your own review but i expect a triple to a
      5 bagger within 12 months

    • As someone who had held UOLP for more then 18
      months,and that is a distinct minority, I am amazed by the
      cycle of converts attracted to this board. Do people
      really think they can wish performance into this
      company? Perhaps they should review the comments of a year
      ago, to see if anything much has changed. I am not
      that sophisticated an investor but can recognize
      broken promises, and the lack of leadership or
      innovation and the often desperateand all to frequent
      management decision to seek out the financial trough. But
      thats just my opinion.

    • I posted my reasons Sunday. But, the financial picture is enough to make me bail. Good luck to the strong stomached. Homer, keep your thoughts comin.

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