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  • tomt8 tomt8 Jun 24, 2009 10:14 AM Flag

    No News from AMS


    Very quiet from a company that has so many different health stratagies.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • After the last bomb they gave us with the deal falling through, I would hope the next news will be positive.

    • I know what you are thinking, but...

      I say this with as much respect as possible, but you don't understand the stock market and why and how it moves. It really doesn't matter what a stock does in a month. Stocks are irrationally valued all the time, and thanks to that you can buy some on the cheap at times.

      Because of the madness of crowds and humans hardwired proclivity to follow the leader, stocks can be down and stay down - sometimes for years. The skilled investor knows what he holds and is ready to wait it out. All assets intersect fair value at some point on their associated price chart.

      Example. How many years were tech stocks overpriced before the bubble burst? How many years was housing overpriced before the bubble burst? How many years was the dollar overpriced before it lost value vs. other world currencies? These are huge trillion dollar macro-economic assets/classes/"stores of value" which as a whole were drastically out of line with fair value. Little small caps like this can be even more exponentially out of whack in the short-term.

      Know what you buy and hold. And just wait.

    • There is always a bull and bear case. This stock is dirt cheap with good cash flow and very good prospects for growth in the future with fda approval towards the end of the year, but not raising funds was a blip.

    • Good luck in your investing.

      I wish you the best in this investment and others.

      Dave at Family Books

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