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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Jun 11, 2010 4:34 PM Flag

    Picked up 8000 shares today...

    between 2.75-2.78.

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    • There are a few companies I have been looking at.

      I continue to hold E-future (EFUT) despite its very poor 2009 performance. I think EFUT holds the potential for long, steady growth. It has online e-commerce platforms that connection retailers and suppliers and also a wide array of products that help suppliers, distributors, and retailers work together, and work together efficiently.

      Right now retail is China is a very fractured market. As consolidation begins, and as 2nd and 3rd Tier cities continue to modernize, it's hard to see how small street vendors won't eventually be forced out by larger retailers who need software/services to control efficiencies in the supply chain and reduce costs.

    • I'm sorry,

      Apparently I made a glaring error. I just reread the press release and see that sales won't be impacted until after April 1, 2010.


    • Although the last quarter would have reflected the loss of Home Depot as a customer; am I correct? I know the announcement was made in December, but I imagine orders would have slowed considerably before the announcement. They were also impressively operating cash flow positive last quarter because of a large reduction in receivables.

      UUU has trimmed their inventories, which I think bodes well for the next few quarters. Inventory was likely trimmed because of losing Home Depot in-store sales, but it appears that the reduction in orders from the China HKJV caused UUU to sharply cut purchases from China while relying on it's current inventory to supply other vendors, thus drawing it dawn by a 1.25 million value.

      Inventory can't keep declining at that rate, and UUU still appears to be selling alarms to a variety of construction companies, so I would imagine orders from China would pick up. I believe this because I think it's possible to read the tea leaves and conclude that inventories were drawn down because they already prepared for the loss of Home Depot as a customer.


    • I think you will sell those a lot higher.

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      • Hey Mr. Jii. I've missed your presence on these here yahoo boards.

        I bought a few more at 2.88 today... I think anything under 4 dollars is very cheap.

        This stock has been very steady over the last half year, and has turned out to be a quite stress-free holding in a very stressed out environment.

        2nd quarter results will be quite good as 2 hospitals will come fully back in line. AMS earnings amortizes their machines, whether they are used or not, so to have two machines go from net income negative to (most likely) net income producers should send quarterly earnings to about 300-450K for the foreseeable future; without any help from PBRT.


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