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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Oct 28, 2010 11:57 AM Flag

    Somebody should buy this company out...

    Respectfully stated, Is that what Mr. Bates is telling you?

    How else is he going to justify his absurd salary level?

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    • Being a small shareholder he doesn't have to justify his salary to me, and if I don't think the company is a good investment I always have the option to walk. However, if I think if you research the company you will arrive at the conclusion that Dr. Bates is a very important component to its historical success. Can the company succeed without him? I am not versed enough to say. I will say that if future returns do not improve he will, eventually, have to answer to the board/shareholders...

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      • You are being far too kind.

        A small shareholder? At least you are paying for your shares. You should have a voice commensurate to the amount of shares you hold.

        Mr Bates and his execs have siphoned off 7 million dollars in the last 4 years and investors have seen NOTHING! No share price appreciation. Breakeven profits.

        If the company feels confident that they will deliver, then they should postpone their annual bonuses and stock option issuance until after their growth initiative blossom, not before.

        This company is very attractive, just not with current management at the helm. How many years have they been accepting their bloated salary and taking in almost all the cash flow into their own pockets, through excessive business expeditures and salary levels WAY beyond companies of a similar size.

        Just being able to sell my shares isn't fair. The smarter thing is to make a lot of money, buy enough shares to eventually nominate directors, and put a little pressure on management, who seems to believe themselves entitled to living off the investor's profits.

        They spend $450,000 per year on their pad on the bay. For 10 employees! That will surely increase as prices go up. Any smart company would use cash flow to buy a small office and operate from there.

        Am I asking too much? This all seems obvious.

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