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  • jojolicious007 jojolicious007 May 11, 2006 10:28 AM Flag

    there is a MONSTER Selling Maxim

    shares, maybe a few of them. Big blocks / non stop. The bleeding won't stop unitl the monsters have traded their limits. Jack shouldn't piss off the analysts the way he does...moron!

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    • I told you, stupidty is always a personal thing. And stops are for short term fools like you... I have a trading account, and I have my shorts and my energy hedges. MXIM is in a buy and put away account as well it should be. You can't trade with large amounts of money..... You trade with the small pot and invest the large one... remember that if you ever get more enough money to do something other then short 500 shares.

    • I understand, you a nut. Thanks, I thought I was dealing with someone who knew something.

      The way you make arguments in the market is to use numbers, not rhetoric. Inflation is at the same rate that it has been for 12 years. The market has been growing earnings at a 15-17% clip for a while and is trading at a PE that equals that growth rate. The markets peg is roughly 1. In 2000 the growth was fake, but even if you give the market the 22% growth rate it had in 1999-2000 it was trading at 50x forward earnings or more then twice that. So the markets valuation was twice as high (by market we are using S and P numbers of course). TWICE, that means the naz needs to be at 4600 roughly to equal the same level of bloatedness and that is if you pretend that the growth before Y2K was real.

      Finally, you compare markets not to inflation but to interest rates that compete for fund allocation. Interest rates are lower then they were 5% fed fund rate vs 6.5% average. Stick to pointless predictions instead of over reaching economic statements. Here I will help, MXIM is going to 12 by Friday! How is that?

    • No need to take an observation and turn it into a personal tiff. Try to take the emotionalism out of it and set stops.

    • Its simple, inflation is rampant but you can believe the gov. and hype tv all you want. Gas has tripled, gold, steel, etc. you name it. In 2000 there was growth in companies in tech, excluding the internet companies, and even though valuations were high revenues and earnings backed up the growth. Ever since then its been nothing but hitting lowered estimates and the games of analyst and wall street but there has been no growth. We are told everyday there is no inflation, and now that the expensing of options is taking hold, tech companies #'s will have to be adjusted again. Believe the talking heads if you want, but when oil hits 100 and gold 1000, they will still be telling you that the price doesn't affect the consumer. Just keep buying, I'm sure they will sell you all you want, just like in 2000, when they raped the public of billions.

    • right, and now the NAZ itself has penetrated the 90 day. Doesn't look good unless you are in oil or mining...they are selling off all tech at this point.

    • My God, you probably were getting laid for the first time in 2000.... Try to justify the market "being more bloated then 2000." Use any metric you want instead of just throwing in 2 cent words that you barley know what they mean. You take the prize for the stupidest statement I have heard in a long, long time.

    • Jack always pisses off the analysts because of his absolute arrogance and hubris, but only this time the market for MXIM has changed and Jack has done nothing to change Maxim nor himself.

    • Actually there is strong support today in MXIM. There are at least two firms buying shares directly. I wouldn't be surprised to see MXIM make a run at 33.5... the only reason it hasn't is that the overall market is getting killed. Good time to place a trade as MXIM should challenge 34 in the coming days if the market stabalizes.

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