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  • pvhu pvhu May 29, 2007 2:43 PM Flag

    Maxim should never be compared to NVDA!

    Nvidia is doing well now because they are buying back $1B stock, and have increased their gross margins to 45% from 42%. 45% gross margin would be a disaster for Maxim!
    When ATI Tech was more of a competitor (now part of AMD), gross margins used to be in the high 30%'s.
    Maxim is in the high performance analog business. In HPA, there is no company below 55% gross margins.
    (TXN is at 52% because of their DSP and DLP business, analog is much higher).
    Maxim's problems are partially due to the fact that their gross margins dropped to the low 60's from the high 60's.
    In HPA never talk about less than 180 nm processing or less than 55% gross margins!

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    • Someone described JG as "the only guy he ever met that made his ass hurt later". Seems jacko had "winning ways" even back then.

    • "Have to give the devil his due, JG could sell ice in the winter to eskimos."

      On another token he sold "ice " to about 8000 employees maxim was claiming before he LEFT..( or he was thrown out)....
      HA HA HA....thanks for the info anyway.....

    • "Have to give the devil his due, JG could sell ice in the winter to eskimos."

      Here we you are one of the "chosen" that got his share of the big pieeeee....what brought you to "the other side" if you do not mind me asking???? just fell out of grace ,or is just the rebellious out of you that is coming out
      after he eat his slice...?

    • Thanks, but I met the man back in '65, and got to know him so I don't need the "cheat sheets". Despite his life style he was a genius in my eyes. BTW he also knew JG. I met him in the 70's. Have to give the devil his due, JG could sell ice in the winter to eskimos.

    • 45% margins would ONLY be a disaster for Maxim if
      and only if SG&A and R&D exceed 45% of revenues..which
      they don't. Actually in the big volume markets such thin
      margins are not that uncommon. What WOULD happen is a
      reduction in the rate of cash accumulation. But not a

    • HPA!
      If maxim is so high performance let's look at the "plan" to break in the automotive market! How is that going these days? Not that well from what I hear. This is relatively simple stuff but you have to: 1.deliver on time 2. have stable processes 3. have reliable parts. Oh well�.No need to ask why they aren�t taking over the automotive market!

      How about that MEMS project! The bozo they have running that is a real wiener. They will always be eating other companies dust. thier only hope is to steal some technology and hope they don�t get caught. Well too soon anyway!

      A final point��how about all those stunning new products they have introduced over the last 3-4 years! You know the uh�..uh��..well�..gee there aren�t very many.

      As it stands now the company is a world class pig.

    • I agree! No comparison!!
      Unfortunatly maxim is going the other direction. My analysis is they don't have the performance other parts have. I'd describe it as lack of "robustness" due mainly to poor control of their process.
      Without the "performance" they wind up as some ones "second source", not in the high priced sockets. I've watched this happen over several years. Not good!
      If you're designing Analog products today you use TI, ADI, then maybe LT or ISL for special stuff.
      If you put a maxim part on your board and it's in the "critical path" expect to hear from Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing, and your Boss.
      This means maxim only sells on price not performance, so why would the same HPA company rules apply to them?

    • > Maxim should never be compared to NVDA!


      Nivida was one of those companies that reported earnings.

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