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  • robertwidlar robertwidlar Jul 24, 2007 10:35 PM Flag

    Increasing compensation, those guys

    This type of lavish compensation for execs is commonplace
    and Wall Street accepts it as status-quo. Go look at
    LLTC, BRCM, or QCOM or GM for that matter. Their execs all
    get big salaries and big do all the work.
    Your only solution is to go start your own company and become an officer.

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    • I'm sure these guys hate the full disclosure laws that bring all their backscratching deals into the light of day now.

      But as a shareholder I don't have to like it and will vote accordingly when or if I ever get a proxie to do so. In theory the BOD is suppose to be looking out for shareholders interests not the executives and officers.

      I know, I know..dreamer that I am.

      Anyway you made out okay from LLTC founder stock for the couple of years you were there. As I recall about 40K or 50K shares at about $0.125 each BEFORE the four splits LLTC had. Not bad not bad at all.
      Shame you dropped dead at such an early age. Did noone ever tell you about that burning the candle at both ends thing?

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