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    • Crappy day for Maxim. Intel wigged-out the market.
      This will probably end up in a 'dead fish bounce'.
      Consider buying?

    • Ex Maxim,

      You are right when you say that don't know why you left Maxim. But it is pretty obvious that no counter offers were made to keep you. Just based on your post you seem to be like that Ex girl friend that cant move on, kinda of like a stalker.. If leaving Maxim was your choice you should have accepted leaving when you made the decision but here you are still hanging on. If you want to discuss the stock in a constructive manner, I say lets talk but if you want to bash the management on a personal level, you should do it else where.


    • Do you think up all this stupid shit yourself or do they give crib sheets?

      Does sniping at anyone who does not agree with you improve your self-esteem?

      Let's try this. Look at where you are and where I am. See the difference?
      Of course you don�t. Because you don�t know who I am or what I�m doing.
      You certainly don�t anything about my departure from the lazy m.
      All you do with this type of thing is demonstrate what a nit wit you truly are.

      You really should get over the whole advice thing. Just post your opinions and the rest of us will do like wise.

      Here is your thread title �I�m a simpering sycophant�. Please post all you �financial analysis� there.

      BTW how is the rest of your �portfolio� doing these days. If you think is hold what other gems are holding.

    • I just looked in the mirror. You assume that we were "let go" by maxim. I don't know about exmxim, but I was not let go. I got the f out of the wackiness that is called maxim. Would of have learned a lot more working for the magazine. Never saw anyone "let go" where I was, just saw a lot of people disgusted about management and the ones that were of any quality and could leave just left to much better places. Why stay? The underwater stock options...the restriced stock? LOL. Almost every mid-cap analog chip company has done a lot better building their value in the past 5 years than mxim (txi, nsm, isil, etc.) As for vj, I give him a lot of credit for coming over as an immigrant and making it; however, he needs to return the favor to new grads and Silicon Valley - which he doesn't. That is OK, because of what comes around goes around...

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      • I wasn't "let go" either. I found a much better job (not hard to do). You hit most of the high spots and asked the right question... Why stay?

        On vijay I have to disagree. It does apply to his wife though. The unprofessional behavior I witnessed at maxim by all the officers was appalling. vijay�s friends (other IIT grads) described his behavior as �emotionally handicapped�. They didn�t get �let go� either�..just found better jobs.

        I do agree with go around come around thought.

    • EX maxim (caps for effect), please take a good look at where VJ is and compare that to where you are. HMMM see the difference? Bashing VJ is not going to keep Maxim from making money but if it helps you with your self worth, I say go for it. Maybe you and Card should start a thread and call it "Pointless Bashing" or " I've been let go and I can't move on". You choose... but feel free to use either of the titles I have listed.


    • Ouch! Well he doesn't know squat about investing or running a fab. Sounds like a managing director to me with one of those "box of cracker jacks" EMBAs! Well being a lap dog is a skill that requires constant practice....they should get an extra day this month when thye clean out thier offices.

      I think he should get 125 refi on the house and go all in....vijay needs the money. LOL

    • thanks god, we have a message

    • "Maxim has had one of the most efficient business models in the technology sector, offering 70%+ gross margins in four consecutive fiscal years."

      I don't think this gross margin is correct ever since they they've started using the FASB rules for expensing stock options, which TXN, ADI, NSM, ISIL, etc. use. One of their recent quarterly reports stated a gross margin of around 62%, a far stretch from their 70%+. I've own this stock since 1999 and fortunately I've unloaded 90% before January 2001. It's been a huge disappointment, especially compared to ISIL.

      Many friends have left MXIM during the last three years, and not one of them has anything to say positive about the place. Maybe it's changing under Tunc Doluca but not at the risk of further eroding gross margins.

    • You have learned from Vijay very well. Now get those yields up...or probably down in your case. Just call in the Hitachi process engineers to do your work for you.

    • Did you read this? It's a joke. Basically margins have gone down 4/5 of the last quarters. Management's response: We invested in lower margin products but now we'll lay-off and shut down fabs in order to get margins back up. Huh?

      It also says they are have a lot of cash so they can continue to invest in lay margin products and issue a 16 cent dividend. Wow! Sounds like a winner.

      Is this what you consider facts rocmon?

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      • Hey go_cardinal...

        I may be mistaken but I believe the report states Opex or operating expenses have gone down for 4 of the last 5 quarters. The strategy is to streamline the production to the point where even with a lower margin we make lots of money on the volume. I say we as I believe all long shareholders need to realize they own part of the company. With all the lawsuits and bad press I beleive this concept has been forgotten by shareholders.

        Happy New Year:)


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