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  • janusdealer janusdealer May 2, 2009 5:23 PM Flag

    cash flow numbers

    Total cash, cash equivalents and short term investments was $898.3 million as of March 28, 2009, a decrease of $27.2 million during the third quarter. Cash flow from operations of $106.0 million was offset primarily by:

    $31.9 million for the acquisitions of Innova Card and two product lines from Zilog
    $61.0 million for cash dividends
    $36.0 million in payments for property and equipment
    SO even w/o the Innova purchase mxim had a net +cash flow of $9mil. that does not leave any margin for a continued depressed economy, cap improvements etc.
    And with the Innova purchase mxim was running negative cash flow.
    Would you suggest they borrow money to pay us the divd in the future?

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    • Maxim just recently went in halves on a company in China!

    • I have seen both vigay and jacko the wackko pretty upset by postings here (jusu on yahoo none of the others) I have been in meeting where the rest of the "power rangers" were complaining bitterly about posts.

      so when i was looking for a forum to discuss how happy i was with shares i recicved for "bonuses" .i had sold everything i could before leaving but because of vesting times etc i needed up with these gems.

      It was actually turned out to be a lot more fun than i thought i would. I know they still look, bitchinmoan and on occasion post (or have the posting done at thier behest).

      the tone of the emails almost always gives them away.

      in a normal company there would be very few empoyees if any in this case rgar are going to defend tunc et al. but strangly they appear and always just before an expected up tick. I mean the EOQ bump is far from a secret. they bang the drums until the blackout passes. take the money and run.
      then they fade back in the shadows until it's time for another puppet master show program.

      i would gues that 95% of those on this board that are simple investors don't what postered here good or bad. So when the shills start conplaining about the content of the posts it can only come from one source.

      At one point if they had bought the shares back at the same price they forced them on me for. i was very specific about not wanting my bonus money "converted" to options.

      so with the money long gone i am left with extracting my money one post at a time. to that end abusing the obvious shills, posting as much inside dirt here and an yearly tax write off are my "ROI". At the rate things are going i expect to be extracting my money for many more years.

      as far as i'm concerned the current managment are just a bunch of 419 scammers with nice suits and cars. thier adavance fees are the bonus they give themseleves
      as they gut the company.

      "All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." EB

    • It's hard to imagine management even looks at these posts, much less respond to some of them. What do they care what we think? Don't they have a company to run? Is this guy just damage control? Could it be that bad that a company has someone responding to Yahoo posts for just that? That's pretty hard to believe, but it sure seems that way. Quoting the stock increase since he's been posting (while the rest of the market is up the same or more) sure seems fishy to me. Yeah, I think you're right.

    • Dear crying shill,

      Please get the third grader back. your stuff gets weaker and weaker.

      It clear you don’t want to talk about the stock so let’s get giggy with what you like to do.

      My mom is good. But she doesn’t have to cope with knowing her father knocked her up and she gave birth to a simpering inbred sycophant that shills stocks for the company he works while it goes down the crapper. How is your dad/granddad doing these days…..still banging your mom? Maybe if you are good boy you can lick the fluid off his scrotum that leaks out while he pounds your mom’s backdoor. I mean how can she be proud of a sperm belching gutter slut like you?

      One of the Dallas guys I talk to thinks you might be on the management team there (that ran it in to ground….just like ST and round rock). In fact he told me that a lot the drizzling shit you post here sounds like it came right out of the fab director’s tired ass BS (his words not mine) “fab” meetings. I’m told when this gets upset his voice gets high pitched and he squeals like a little girl. Sure sounds like you…….oh and you share some of his uhm “English” problems……exactly. So if you’re not him you must one of his inbred relatives.

    • Why do you ask, you know very well.

    • exmxim your intelligent messages are very entertaining to say the least. How is your bottom? Are you just an amateur, with no financial stake but posting here just to get even with the MXIM management? Did you consider getting some professional help to get over your "MXIM" hang up? By the way: Howz your mom?

    • you are the one getting golden showers from tunsc and the boys so you should know all about drinking others piss.

      you are just a stupid shill....a monkey on a string.

      how is that latin lesson working for you?

    • Watch what you piss on. You may have to eat it later :) When I first posted here a few months ago MXIM was at 11-12, Now it is at 15.

      How is the taste of your own piss?

    • You may want to add that any company they have bought they have driven into the ground. Take a look at dallas. So that innova purchase money goes right in the crapper.
      With 2 qtrs in the red, why not make it three?

    • 106M from Q operations backed up with 900M in the bank and they pay 61? I cant think of a company with a safer one.

      • 1 Reply to teerod88
      • What do you guys smoke??? mxim has blowout numbers and can't make a profit???? Then you go looking for reasons why?
        Tell you what i'll do, I'll lay it out very simply.
        1- They're losing money, but don't show it on thier balance sheet. How's that possible? See 2
        2- Don't explain it! Just put a note in... Thows off everyone but a true Accountant. What do does parenes mean??
        3- Don't update your stocks position if its poor! Put in other information from prior more profitable years to confuse people. This helps if these wheren't audited (or at least not in the US)
        I could go on but fear I teach no one....
        Meanwhile my BAC & GE positions continue to make some money, so I'm happy.
        Hope you guys with wild dreams of maxim have some down to earth investments... LOL. I would guess most are mgnmt.
        The trouble with management is knowing when it changes...

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