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  • jojolicious007 jojolicious007 May 21, 2010 8:54 AM Flag


    do you ever say anything of value? or do you just use profanity and nasty verbage to try and get your blue collar points across. Your a joke...

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    • ex is way better than the divy shill. But dont take my word for it; I drink the coolaid.

    • zackert Jul 23, 2010 3:18 PM Flag

      I think exmaxim has a vendetta with the company. I have seen these posts for years. I think a: He needs to move on with his life or b: Get some professional medical help. This is just not healthy.

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      • "professional medical help"? Is it the cheap tactic of half-whit vermin everywhere to miscast disagreement and dissent as insanity?

      • zack,

        He's one in a LOOOONG line of people that are none too happy with this POS. If you have spent any amount of time on this board, you'd know that. Don't pretend as though he's a one-off anomaly. The list of the embittered will grow as Tunc "The Hun" and the forty thieves keep on crapping all over people while pretending as though everything is turning up roses.

      • you mean like:
        A feud between two families or clans that arises out of a slaying and is perpetuated by retaliatory acts of revenge

        I think that's a bit of stretch but please note it requires 2 to tango;-)

        Gee, you guys always miss options c & d

        C. Be here as long as owns any those nice ones I got as bonus.

        D. Be here forever...well until Das Schissen Loch goes broke anyway. Now WBRC=DSL :-)

        But the real question that remains unanswered by all of you superficial shills "why do you care"...must be difficult to answer because none of you ever do.

    • Your comment of "blue collar points" is a compliment to xmxim's garbage messages, while it is an insult to the blue collars. I do not see xmxim messages as he/she is on my "ignore" list. Her/his messages were worthless and the filthiest of all I have seen. From your messages I understand that it still seems to be the case!

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      • Ignore? Sure you do, that's the reason you respond so often and have had some posts removed.

        I read all the posts and then voice my opinion...that's the kind of thing intelligent adults capable of independent thought do. But why belabor the point. Explaining that to you is like trying to explain String Theory to an amoeba.

        "filthiest"? It's clear you never sat in a meeting with jacko, vigay or many of the lower level "brain surgeons" on the management staff at the lazy m if you think what I post is that bad.

        Or maybe I should stick with literary gems like "sourpusses" and "get a life"...

        here you go:
        hey sourpuss you post make stock price go down! Me not like see you do this but I nibble many share so I happy! I big rich smrt_invertebrate you not. HaHa. I always happy no matter price up or down. Me find post silly thing here so I feel good about my stupid investing plan. Then I make many fun of you! HaHa!

        How does that fit with that tiny world in your head filled with all those extra voices smrt_invertebrate and/or jojo?

      • You have exmaxim on "ignore", but you responded to his post? I agree ex can be a bit crude, but I'm sure he has a reason. I had an unpleasant experience there too. You still "adding to your core position" ?

    • It is "you're" you "white collar" jizz guzzling monkey.
      It seems you can sling barbs but are much too tender to catch any. Definitely management material at the lazy m.

      I'm not sure why I'm supposed to find "Blue collar" insulting? A blue collar is better that the pearl necklaces tunc, vigay and the ooze give to you and your spunk monkey cohorts.

      You will require some divine help to keep up even the stragglers so he is a bit of biblical help for you and the rest of your lap dog crew:

      Lamentations 4:19
      Our pursuers were swifter than eagles in the sky;
      they chased us over the mountains
      and lay in wait for us in the desert.

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