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  • kingfrogcash kingfrogcash Apr 28, 2009 2:27 PM Flag

    NAB Takeaways

    Strategy Analytics and DIS Consulting See Cloud Computing and 3D as Key NAB Takeaways

    April 27, 2009 -- BOSTON, BUSINESS WIRE --

    Strategy Analytics and DIS Consulting identified two key media technology trends emerging from the NAB Show as it wound down last week in Las Vegas, Nevada. 3D technology and Cloud Computing Services both featured strongly at a surprisingly upbeat annual convention where attendance was off by around 20% from last year's show, yet still attracted the industry's key senior decision makers.

    The research partners, who have recently introduced a new advisory service aimed at the media creation and distribution industry, have determined that two overarching trends dominated the 2009 NAB Show:

    The plethora of origination, post and distribution of 3D programming to homes and theaters - both hardware and software - and
    2. The cloud computing services concepts being promoted by a number of companies including Microsoft, Chyron and others.

    3DTV appears to be gathering steam this year as it has begun to rallydevice makers, programmers,distribution channels anddirect to home service providers to its cause. However, David Mercer, Principal Analyst at Strategy Analytics, points out: 'Many obstacles, such as lack of standards and creative challenges, lie ahead before 3D reaches large numbers of home users.'

    Simultaneously, cloud computing offers an alternative to costly, in-house labor and storage of archives, which, along with the security of fingerprinting technology, allows many processes to be transferred off-site.

    Douglas I. Sheer, CEO and Chief Analyst of DIS, said, "Despite some resistance to the idea of off-site storage and the desire to fully amortize existing equipment, cloud seems to be findinga receptive audience, especially as it offers some interesting cost savings advantages."

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    • Thanks King--
      Yes two good "takeaways"
      For the third consecutive year I attended the NAB
      Convention, and spent quite a bit of time at the
      Chyron Booth. This year we had an excellent booth
      location (first floor Soth Hall near the main entrance
      and next to the Microsoft Booth.) In previous
      years we were on 2nd floor towards the middle--
      I had good conversations with MWW, Kevin Prince
      and Roger Ogden---I would say that notwithstanding
      difficult industry and overall economic conditions
      that there is a general feeling of optimism
      concerning Chyron prospects---This not only
      on the part of senior management but also among
      the very enthusiastic sales, engineering and
      product development specialists that I had the
      opportunity to meet at the Booth.---

      As always, with respect to Chyron or any stock for that matter,
      everyone should continue to do their
      own due diligence paying special attention to
      risk factors summarized in S.E.C filings---
      At this time I personally am planning
      (always subject to change without notice) to
      "play the hand out" with Chyron into 2011---
      Clearly, there are risks, however in my opinion
      outweighed by potential rewards for patient investors
      that can deal with the volaitility and the
      illiquid nature of the stock. I would encourage anyone
      interested in this stock to not look back,
      but approach this (or again any stock that one holds)
      with where it is now and where one feels it can
      be within one's own personal time framework--
      Bottom line ask the question ---would
      I buy this now if I didn't already own it?

      A very good summary of Michael's current
      thinking can be found in the investor letter
      in the 2008 Annual report on the Chyron website--

      • 1 Reply to caminocasa07
      • Camino, I am curious, in your conversations with MWW, did he ever mention anything about ChyTV prospects nearterm or down the line. I read his annual letter to shareholders, and it seemed that they are pinning their future entirely to growth in the Axis space. There was not a word about ChyTV, or digital signage prospects now or in the future for either venture let alone anything going on with their other strategic partners.

        Can you shed some light?


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